August 3, 2015
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From the Superintendent

Several changes have been in progress since school let out last month. One important change for the new school year will be the addition of a Code of Conduct for athletes, parents, coaches and spectators. Currently the code is in the development phase but any concerned party could send the athletic director, Joe James, your input. His email is Thank you very much

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World As Our Classroom: GREECE!

World As Our Classroom: GREECE! June 3- OPA! is the celebratory exclamation that students had upon their return home from the fabled Adriatic locales of Greece. Teacher leaders from the English and Music departments, respectively, Melissa Wyman & Erin Stevens; Rob & Sue Gattie, and Danielle Fraser, took 24 students to the mainland and isles. Students cannot stop talking about their wonderful adventures. As a side note, Hartford ninth graders read Homer’s Odyssey; this particul...

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OQS on NPR! May 27, 2015- Literally using the world as a classroom, Eliza Minnucci takes her students to the woods every Monday. Read or listen to the NPR news story at the following link: -Alexis Nelson

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Smart Transportation Week at HMMS

Smart Transportation Week at HMMS May 7, 2015- Initiated by the Student Council, HMMS hosted a “Smart Transportation Week” encouraging peers to bike, walk, take the bus or carpool to school all week long. Students reasoned, “Studies show that students who walk or bike to school arrive more alert and ready to learn. Biking and walking - and taking the bus and carpooling too - helps reduce pollution and traffic, saves money, and is fun too!” Perhaps the high...

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Policy Sub-Committee

Hartford School District School Board of Directors Policy Committee April 28, 2015   Present: Joe Collea, Tom DeBalsi, Audra Bucklin, Rick Dustin-Eichler, Peter Merrill   Discussion focused on the concussion policy. Careful review of the return to play protocol was completed. The protocol comes from the University of Vermont Medical Center. The protocol was added to the procedures which are part of the ...

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World as Our Classroom: FRANCE!

World as Our Classroom: FRANCE! April 29, 2015- Students who were fortunate enough to spend springtime in Paris -and other French villages- presented highlights from their trip at this week’s full-school assembly, Monday Morning meeting. These guys did the hits in a whirlwind tour de France: Paris, Nice, Monaco, Cote d’Azur, Nimes & Avignon in Provence, Carcassonne, Bordeaux, Loire Valley, St. Malo, and Normandy. Read more


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