March 27, 2015
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Time Travelers at DBS

Time Travelers at DBS March 26, 2015- Clearly, the Dothan Brook 5th graders are having way too much fun, thanks to the thoughtful and skillful learning design of their teachers, Franklin Burns and Cherrie Torrey. On Wedn...

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#WeAreHartford March 16, 2015- #WeAreHartford is the 21st century rallying cry that follows student action taken last week as students stood up to defend their school’s reputation, and by extension, themselves. At last week’s school board meeting, students took a stand and ad...

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HHS Hosts Blood Drive

HHS Hosts Blood Drive March 12, 2015- Hartford High Hosts Blood Drive on behalf of the American Red Cross for the tenth consecutive year. Organized by Student Council along with advisor, Shannon Johnson, students coordinate donations for their peers aged 16 and older. I caught students, Kaylee Williams and Jordyn Pallmerine, manning the table during H-Block; they were happy with the turnout of more than forty students,...

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World as our Classroom LOCAL: Students Exhibit Artwork at AVA Gallery

World as our Classroom LOCAL: Students Exhibit Artwork at AVA Gallery March 6, 2015- Students’ artworks are on display at Ava’s 7th Annual Best of the Upper Valley High School Exhibition. Art teacher, Anderson Thorp, took students to view their artworks in situ in the galleries on Friday morning. The following students’ artworks were submitted for the exhibition: Caitlyn Allen, Alex Coope...

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STEM Opps @ HHS with Vermont Technical College

STEM Opps @ HHS with Vermont Technical College March 4, 2015- Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, otherwise known as “STEM” subjects in ed-jargon, are hot topics right now. At the urging of politicians with an eye to the future growth of the American economy, schools are attempting to beef up their offerings and expose students to as many STEM opportunitie...

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School Budget Vote

In Favor = 727 Opposed = 794

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