July 17, 2019

Administrative Process

DATE: 01-18-2013

Administrator Professional Growth Cycle

We believe that:

  • Professional development and evaluation are intrinsically linked.
  • Professional development and evaluation have student learning, growth, and well-being as their focus.
  • Professional development and evaluation should be about what administrators do to help educators and students learn.
  • Professional development and evaluation are linked to the mission of the district and school.
  • Professional learning and growth are continuous processes.
  • Growth - both personally and professionally - happens in a collaborative context.
  • Professional development and evaluation are a professional responsibility and an organizational expectation.

  • No one can say, “I know all there is to know.”
  • No one should be expected to do it on his/her own.

  • Both individual and organizational growth are important.
  • Professional development and evaluation must take into account that individuals may be at various levels/stages of growth.

  • Professional development and evaluation includes evidence of growth for administrators, educators and students.

Note- Underlined words are additions to the original belief statement for educators

Dialogue between the administrator and their supervisor should focus on 3 key questions (with evidence that supports the responses to each question):
  1. What specifically are you doing to achieve the district’s goals and school’s action plan?
  2. What have you done to help the educators in your building improve student learning?
  3. What individual short- and/or long-range goals do you have?  (This is the last, rather than first, consideration.)

The Professional Growth Plan provides a structured, supportive and collaborative process for continuous professional reflection with students’ learning, growth and well-being as its focus. Administrators may, in addition to school goals, develop individual goals to improve their proficiency with regard to their professional standards.

Standards for Administrators are the professional standards that we expect administrators to meet at the proficient level. Administrators will use these standards as a tool to reflect and evaluate their performance.


Superintendent or designee

By September 1st

  • Completes self-evaluation regarding standards
  • Completes Professional Growth Plan (PGP) that includes 2-4 goals
  • Meet with his/her supervisor to discuss self evaluation and PGP

In the 3rd and 6th year of the administrators re-licensing cycle they will survey a sample of their staff and at least one of the following: students, parents, or colleagues.

By July 1st

  • Schedules 2nd meeting with his/her supervisor
  • Identifies and reflects upon information that relates to progress on PGP.
  • Summarizes and reflects on surveys in year 3 and 6.


  • Meets with the Superintendent or designee to review their self evaluation and PGP. Provides feedback.
  • Meets with the administrator to discuss their progress on their PGP.

  • Completes a Recommendation and Commendation Form with copy to administrator and official personnel file in SOS office within 10 days of meeting.