July 19, 2019

Hartford Prevention Coalition

Hartford Prevention Coalition DATE: 07-18-2012

About Hartford Prevention Coalition......

    • The Hartford Prevention Coalition, founded in 2008, is part of a nationwide network of government-funded local groups charged with bringing people together to strengthen their communities.
    • HPC is one of more than 30 similar groups throughout Vermont, funded through the SPF-SIG (Strategic Prevention Framework State-Incentive Grant) program found here.
      to address the high rates of alcohol and drug abuse among the state’s young people. Found here.
    • HPC brings together parents, teachers, youth, town and state officials, law enforcement personnel, members of the court system, business people, and other interested individuals in a coordinated effort to foster a social environment in which:   
  • Minors do not have ready access to alcohol, either from retailers or from
    • family and friends
    • All who use alcohol illegally or enable others to do so face clear and inescapable consequences
    • Hartford residents fully understand the mental and physical damage caused by alcohol abuse