July 18, 2019

Meeting Minutes October 9, 2013

DATE: 01-13-2014

Hartford Board Meeting Minutes-Hartford Board of School Directors

October 9, 2013 @ 7:00 PM

The Getaway @ HACTC



Board members present:         Administrators Present:

Jeff Arnold                                          Tom DeBalsi

Peter Merrill                                       Julia Haynes                          

Kevin Christie                        

Lori Dickerson

Eric Michaels

                                                                                            Kevin Christie called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.

Approval of Agenda: Peter Merrill asks for a report how HSD is dealing with the Government shut down. The item will be added under Items Requiring Board Action (SOS Update).  Peter Merrill motions to approve the Agenda with the 1 addition. Eric Michaels seconds the motion. A unanimous verbal vote 5-0 passes the motion.

Executive Session- Personnel Matter-7:10 PM Peter Merrill motions to go into ES. Lori Dickerson seconds the motion. A unanimous verbal vote passes the motion 5-0.

7:30 PM- Public Meeting back in session 

Public Comment relative to items not on the proposed agenda- None

Items Requiring Board Action

            Board Priorities- Action Plan Draft #2- Julia Haynes presents the second draft with revised Academic Rigor and the Graduation Project. Discussion included continued research of other Vermont schools, capstone process, updating handbooks etc. The Board directs Julia to update the document with the information discussed tonight.

The calendar discussion included switching (on the presented document) defining rationale for calendar changes with the Board defining what they want for a school calendar. The anticipated date of accomplishment for the two actions was moved from June 2014 to May 2014. A retreat for the Board was discussed, as was a survey of HSD teachers. Continued research and resources such as VSBA will continue. The Board agreed to set a retreat day after the November 13th meeting. 

            Facility Maintenance Plan Draft #1- Tom DeBalsi presented the itemized by school maintenance needs document. Discussion involved getting HSD on a cycle of maintenance for all buildings and grounds.  The Board discussed with Mr. DeBalsi setting up “sinking”/reserve funds for specific maintenance such as paving, and roofing, flooring. After a lengthy discussion, Peter Merrill motions to direct the Superintendent to prepare a Bond package and a 5 year maintenance plan that goes into more detail than Draft #1. The package would include a 15 year regular maintenance plan with 2 year cycle reserve funds. Lori Dickerson seconds the motion. A unanimous verbal vote passes the motion 5-0 aye. (Mr. DeBalsi will check with the HSD attorney to make sure reserve funds would be available for all HSD buildings & not locked in to specific schools.) Mr. DeBalsi will put the Maintenance plan on the web site after it is revised per the Board’s request.

Consent Agenda:

Minutes of September 25, 2013- Eric Michaels comments he was not the

Board member to suggest acquiring a commemorative plaque for Devoid painting. (The minutes were amended to read; Eric Michaels motions to accept the suggestion, the District acquire a plaque commemorating the contribution of Devoid Painting to hang in the HHS gym. Lori Dickerson seconds the motion. A unanimous verbal vote 5-0 passes the motion.) Lori Dickerson seconds the motion to accept the 9/28/13 minutes. A unanimous 5-0 vote passes the motion.

Incidental Information:

  • Mr. DeBalsi reports the Café Food Service is receiving comments the food is better. Each school is cooking (HMMS kitchen remains under construction). The District continues to have an issue with the PayPal software. Mr. DeBalsi hopes to have a more accurate report in January after all schools are up and running under the service.
  • An enrollment comparison is given by Mr. DeBalsi. Numbers would suggest a 45 student decrease from August 2012 to August 2013.
  • Mr. DeBalsi and Ms. Haynes report the Government shut down has not yet affected the school district as we have already received our funding. Should the shutdown go longer, we could be affected.
  • Board Meeting schedule presented. One correction March 27th not a meeting night. The Board is reminded the joint School/Town meeting is October 16th 6 PM @ the Getaway. The Board has no additions to the Agenda for the above mentioned meeting.

Adjournment- 9:02 PM Peter Merrill moves for adjournment, Lori Dickerson seconds and a unanimous verbal vote 5-0 passes the motion.


Respectfully Submitted,

Carol Bagley