July 18, 2019

Meeting Minutes June 12, 2013

DATE: 02-24-2014

Hartford Board Meeting Minutes-Hartford Board of School Directors

June 12, 2013 @ 6:00 PM

HACTC- The Getaway Dining Room



Board members present:         Administrators Present:

                                                Tom DeBalsi

Peter Merrill                           Julia Haynes                          

Kevin Christie                        

Lori Dickerson



Call to order 6:01 PM Kevin Christie


Peter Merrill motions to go into Executive Session for personnel matter. Lori Dickerson seconds. A unanimous verbal vote 3-0 passes the motion.


7:15 PM Out of Executive Session. Peter Merrill motions to deny the grievance and deny each remedy. Lori Dickerson seconds the motion. A unanimous verbal vote passes the motion 3-0 aye.


The Board takes a short recess to allow for the videographer to set up the recording equipment.


7:29 PM Back in session.



Approval of Agenda: Kevin Christie requests the Items Requiring Board Action be moved forward on the agenda due to a Board member’s illness. Peter Merrill motions to accept Agenda with change in sequence. Lori Dickerson seconds. A unanimous verbal vote aye 3-0 passes the motion.




Public Comment relative to items not on the proposed agenda- None



Items Requiring Board Action


Consent Agenda

  • Nominations:
  • Erica Audette
  • Erin Stevens
  • Ruth Fleishman
  • Hannah Prescott
  • Debra Dixon
  • Sarah McKinney


Minutes of 5/22/13- Peter Merrill motions to accept the Consent Agenda as presented. Lori Dickerson seconds. A unanimous verbal vote aye 3-0 passes the motion.


            Elementary Schools and HACTC Action Plan Presentations

  • WRS-Sheila Powers presents reflections of the 2012-13 Action Plan. The 2013-14 Action Plan includes a common goal for all 3 District Elementary Schools-Wise Ways.
  • DBS-Rick Dustin Eichler Presented Dothan Brook’s 2013-14 Action Plan while explaining data from 2012-13. Rick will send Tom DeBalsi additional data that will be added to previous data.
  • OQS- Amos Kornfeld presented. He along with DBS and WRS commented on concentrating teams using time effectively. Discussion included asking District bus drivers to have a more community role with the elementary schools.
  • HACTC-Doug Heavisides explains the history of The Tech Center’s School Action Plan and the future of the 2013-2016 Plan.
  • Action Plan motion to approve all plans will be added to a future agenda. Tom DeBalsi and Julia Haynes will present their Action Plan at a future Board Meeting.





Incidental Information


  • Draft 2013-14 School Board Meeting Schedule-tabled until full Board is available (Select Board is requesting a joint Board Meeting-possible date is first meeting date in July-TBD)
  • Review 2012-13 Work Plan, Plan for 2013-14 Work Plan-tabled until Board Retreat


Other- Graduation schedule discussed. Mr. DeBalsi will contact Administration at HHS for further Board instructions regarding their role in Graduation.


9:33 PM Lori Dickerson motions to adjourn. Kevin Christie seconds. A unanimous verbal vote passes the motion.




Respectfully Submitted,

Carol Bagley