July 17, 2019

Hartford School Board Meeting Minutes September 23, 2014

DATE: 10-20-2014

Hartford School District Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

September 23, 2014

6:00 PM The Getaway HHS/HACTC

Board Members present: Administration present:

Kevin Christie Tom DeBalsi

Lori Dickerson Jim Vezina

Paul Keane

Peter Merrill

Eric Michaels

Kevin Christie called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM.

Peter Merrill moves to go into Executive Session to discuss an evaluation. Lori Dickerson seconds the motion. A verbal vote passes the motion.

7:00 PM Kevin Christie calls the public meeting back to order.

Approval of Agenda- Kevin asks the Board Priorities be moved ahead of FY16 Budget. Peter Merrill moves to accept as amended. Eric Michaels seconds. A unanimous 5-0 passes the motion.

Public Comments-None

Board Priorities 2014-15- Peggy Brown facilitated the discussion of the draft dated 9/20/14. The document compiled the goals discussed in the September 10th retreat. The eight items on the list for discussion are: Facilities, Student Wellbeing, Innovation, Academic Rigor, Technology, Calendar, Public Relations, New/Other.

The Board agrees with Peggy that 8 goals is way too many for one school year. Innovation, calendar and technology were taken off the list for now. Discussion included: 25 year maintenance plan (Tom will email Paul a copy), Personal Learning Plan (PLP), budget(including a sinking fund), technology (IT needs to give an update to Board), and returning to receiving monitor reports. The Board agree they have gotten out of the cycle of receiving monitor reports and they need to catch up. Peggy suggests “captains” for each goal. The Board agrees to the following:

Lori Dickerson- Facilities

Kevin Christie- Monitor Reports

Technology- Peter Merrill

Academic Rigor-Paul Keane (will consider, needs a better job description/clarification to be delivered by next meeting)

FY16 Budget draft- Jim Vezina handed out a draft Object Expense Description FY 2016 Budget Changes . He explains the 20+ line items on page #1 and mentions others such as health insurance for retirees, tuition for collaboratives and tax rates. Between now and December would be the time the Board would discuss items to fund for the 2016 FY. Peter Merrill would like to add another Assistant Superintendent position to the budget, Mr. DeBalsi would like to see additional maintenance funds for update,website/media assistance, and foreign language in elementary schools. Mr. Merrill motions to have SOS to budget out the costs of these mentioned additions. Kevin Christie seconds the motion. A 5 yes 0 no vote passes the motion.

State of Vermont Food Service  Agreement- Mr. Vezina explains this is a repeat yearly basis contract. The District’s objective is to feed the students. The $75,000 lose is no surprise due to salaries of personnel. Peter Merrill moves to authorize Kevin Christie to enter into the contract for food services for one more year. Lori Dickerson seconds the motion. Discussion- students approve of the food although the choices now offered are a big change for some. (healthier choices) At 9:19 PM Peter Merrill moves the question. A unanimous verbal vote passes the motion 5 yes 0 no.

Policy Warning- First reading of Title 1 Comparability Policy

Consent Agenda-

Minutes of September 10, 2014 and Nomination of Julia Lau at HACTC as a math enrichment instructor with Grant Funding. Peter Merrill moves to accept as presented. Eric Michaels seconds the motion. A unanimous verbal vote passes the motion.

Kevin Christie reports out that Coach Mike Stone contacted him and asked that the new Field House not be in his name. Mr. DeBalsi will place the item on a future agenda for a vote. A motion is needed to rescind the previous vote.

9:39 PM Peter Merrill moves to adjourn. Eric Michaels seconds the motion. A unanimous verbal vote 5 yes 0 no passes the motion.

Respectfully submitted

Carol Bagley