July 19, 2019

Lynda.Com Documents Innovation in HHS Technology Courses

Lynda.Com Documents Innovation in HHS Technology Courses DATE: 11-04-2014

October 23, 2014- Documentary filmmakers from Lynda.com, Aron R. Ives & Nick Passick, visited teacher, Mike Hathorn, at Hartford High School. Lynda.com offers online courses in myriad subjects, from software development to travel photography to topics in education for students and teachers. Mike is just one stop on their journey across the United States in search of inspirational and innovative uses of technology in a variety of disciplines. They began the cross-country tour with visits to progressive design firms in Portland, OR & Milwaukee, WI; then onto our very own Hartford High School, VT, en route to the Big Apple, NY. Aron & Nick caught up with Mike to capture the exciting ways that he uses design software to challenge students’ creativity as they think critically about contemporary social issues and propose plausible solutions for the future. Students can now earn Technology credits as an elective course beginning in ninth grade. Mike taught U.S. History for 16 years at Hartford High before creating his own space in the building and the curriculum for the accredited Technology courses. You can follow Mike Hathorn and the Hartford High Technology course space on Twitter @sketch2print


Lynda.Com in Classrooms

-Alexis Nelson