July 18, 2019

Monday Morning Meetings & Advisory at HHS

Monday Morning Meetings & Advisory at HHS DATE: 12-15-2014

December 15, 2014- Schools across the nation work to create environments where students can rely on peers, teachers and administrators to uphold safe spaces so they are free to learn. A positive step that many schools have taken is to form Advisory Programs, to create more connections and form a stronger network for each individual student in his or her school.

Hartford High School is in its second year of an Advisory Program that continues to evolve as staff responds to student feedback about the program.

This year, Monday Morning All-School Meetings have allowed the school to gather weekly and share in the myriad student activities taking place. This week, after announcements, students thanked their peers for participating in Hartford’s first annual Red Ribbon Week and then the assembly was treated to a preview of tonight’s Holiday Concert at 7:00 p.m. Danielle Fraser conducted the Jazz Band while Rob Gattie accompanied the co-ed a-capella Jazz Experience class as they sang a pop hit, Supermanby Five For Fighting.

A Brief History of the Advisory Program at Hartford High School

2012-2013: HHS assembled a student-teacher Advisory Committee. The group researched successful advisory programs and even ventured to other high schools to see iterations of this idea in action. Based upon their research and weekly meetings, the committee recommended a daily, morning advisory session that would consist of 12-15 9th-12th graders, led by one or two teachers.

2013-2014: The Advisory Program was launched and the daily schedule was tweaked to accommodate morning advisory time and a “check-back” block in the middle of the day, which was dubbed, “H-Block.” H-Block, a 75-minute chunk of time in the middle of the day, turned out to be a great success. Students use the time to get lunch, check in with teachers, complete assignments, work on group projects, socialize, and meet in clubs.

2013-2014: This year, Advisory program has evolved to include a weekly all-school morning meeting. Students meet in their smaller advisories on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; Wednesdays mornings are reserved for staff & faculty meeting times so that teachers can collaborate and share ideas about running their advisories. This constant feedback loop ensures an agility that allows staff and students to constantly reflect and improve the program to best suit the needs of our diverse community of students.

-Alexis Nelson