July 16, 2019

Board Minutes January 28, 2015

DATE: 02-12-2015

Hartford School Board Directors Meeting

January 28, 2015

7:00 PM The Getaway

Board Members present: Administration present:

Kevin Christie Tom DeBalsi

Lori Dickerson Cathy Newton

Paul Keane

Peter Merrill

Eric Michaels

Lori Dickerson called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.

Approval of Agenda-Peter Merrill moves to accept the Agenda as presented. Eric Michaels seconds. A unanimous verbal vote 4 yes 0 no passes the motion. (Kevin Christie absent for the vote)

Public Comment- Jeff Arnold, of Hartford requests all budget reports and numbers be available in one place (ie website, report). Mr. DeBalsi reminds the audience, materials are available in each Hartford Town Report. Mr. Arnold also questions numbers of enrollment, and construction reserve fund amounts. Mr. DeBalsi answers to Mr. Arnold ($200,000.00 in reserve construction/maintenance fund) (592 Hartford High School students for 2013-14 school year)

Nicaragua Service Trip Presentation- Mateo Ellerson and a group of 9 HHS students presented a trailer of their trip last year. Each students spoke to their experience and told the Board of their future plans to travel to other countries. Teachers Ben Gardner, Doug Anton and Katie Hluchyj accompanied the students on the trip.

7:38 PM Lori Dickerson turns the meeting back over to Board Chair, Kevin Christie.

2015-16 School Year Calendar- Mr. DeBalsi presents the final draft of the calendar. Discussion surrounding the “holiday break” , December 23rd being a day off or a school day. Child care can be an issue for families. Lori Dickerson moves to accept the calendar as presented. Paul Keane seconds. Discussion-is it a travel hardship for some staff/families? A unanimous verbal vote 5 yes 0 no passes the motion.

Facilities Planning- Mr. DeBalsi hands out the Hartford Schools All Systems items #1-35 document to discuss. Discussion included paving of the parking lots. Should the school piggy back with the town for a lower cost of the materials? Time line for paving the parking lots may not be the same for the town. Board members caution the  citizens/audience that the numbers projected on either the document stating estimates and cost estimations are just that. Numbers are not set in stone. Peter Merrill moves to have the Superintendent investigate the cost of paving in current climate and potential time lines. Lori Dickerson seconds. Discussion continues on cost and options. 8:13 Kevin Christie calls the question. A unanimous verbal vote 5 yes 0 no passes the motion.

Town/School Annual Report Overview- Cathy Newton explains the process of putting the annual report together from a previous template. Peter Merrill asks for a correction on page 3 or 4 “medium household income” line-add an actual $ sign.

Paul Keane comments on the data reporting students who have bought drugs/deal drugs on campus. Mr. Keane would like a policy stating any student found doing so would immediately be expelled from school. Discussion among the Board as to the current policy wording. Paul Keane moves no student will be allowed to distribute or sell drugs on the campus without the punishment of expulsion. No second. Discussion- the policy is not on the Agenda, nor has it been warned for this meeting. Mr. Keane asks the motion be warned. At 8:31 PM Lori Dickerson requests a 5 minute break. Peter Merrill seconds. A 4 yes 1 no (Paul Keane)verbal vote passes the motion.

8:37 PM Board returns to public meeting. Mr. Keane asks for a second on his motion. Mr. Christie suggests the SOS work with the policy committee and warn the policy for the next Board meeting.

Mr. Keane quotes Harvard Title IX & Gender Equity discrimination Policy (http://diversity.harvard.edu/files/diversity/files/harvard_sexual_harassment_policy.pdf)

Mr. Keane requests the Hartford School District adopt the policy to include transgender and gay students.Kevin Christie reminds the audience Hartford has a strict policy and timeline surrounding this process.

Mandated Policy warning - First reading of Weapons and firearms- Policy and procedure presented. Change included SOS is empowered to allow weapons on campus with written permission when appropriate (stated example, civil war reenactment). Discussion  included typo corrections, exhaustive list of “weapons” . Lori Dickerson requests Peter Merrill look into the gun free zones act 1990 (Supreme Court found to be unconstitutional)

Minutes of January 14, 2015- Eric Michaels moves to accept the minutes as written. Peter Merrill seconds. A unanimous verbal vote 5 yes 0 no passes the motion.

9:30 PM Lori Dickerson moves to adjourn. Peter Merrill seconds. A unanimous verbal vote 5 yes 0 no passes the motion.

 Respectfully Submitted

Carol Bagley