July 18, 2019

Budget Presentation/Candidate Night Meeting Minutes for February 23, 2015

DATE: 02-27-2015

Budget Presentations & Candidates Night Meeting Minutes

February 23, 2015

7:00 PM

HHS Auditorium

Michael Kainen opened the meeting as moderator at 7:01 PM

School Board Members Present:

Kevin Christie

Peter Merrill

Eric Michaels

Lori Dickerson

Paul Keane

Ken Parker presented the town budget for Hartford.

Peter Merrill presented the Hartford School Board $36,128,515.00 budget. He explained the process of how the SOS and Board came up with the 3.9% increase from this year’s budget.

During the short question and answer session after the presentation citizens raised issues of

  • “steps” of teachers/salary

  • savings on education vs incarceration of young adults

  • teachers are not overpaid in this district

  • Federal monies

  • positive thoughts of student enrollment up by 12 students

Candidates Present themselves for School Board Seats

Two Year Candidates

  1. Jeff Arnold

  2. Paula Nulty

  3. Eric Michaels

Three Year Candidates

  1. Lori Dickerson

  2. Ron Dwinell

Discussion during the question & answer session:

  • long term maintenance of facilities/parking lot paving

  • drug use in school district

  • SRO/Police presence on campus

  • process of budget for the Board

  • Academics @ HMMS

  • new channels for educational conversations

Michael Kainen adjourned the meeting at 10:12 PM

 Respectfully submitted

Carol Bagley