July 20, 2019

February 25, 2015 Meeting Minutes

DATE: 03-05-2015

Combined Select Board and School Board Draft Meeting Minutes

February 25, 2015

35 Railroad Row Suite 306

Hartford Vermont

School Board Present:

Tom DeBalsi, SOS

Kevin Christie, Board Chair

Lori Dickerson, Board Clerk

Peter Merrill

Paul Keane

Eric Michaels

Ken Parker called the Select Board to Order at 6:13 PM. Lori Dickerson called the School Board to Order at 6:14 PM.

Approval of Agenda for combined meeting-Peter Merrill moves to approve the Agenda as presented. Eric Michaels seconds the motion. A unanimous verbal vote 4 yes 0 no passes the motion.

Public Comments- None

Viewing of taped Project Vision- Rutland City Police Presentation from January 13, 2015.

Board discussion of Project Vision- Scott Farnsworth is present. He invites each Board to have one member join the Board of the Hartford Community Coalition. Scott also reports the Coalition does not at this time have a permanent meeting place.Ken Parker suggests a meeting room when the new Municipal Building is finished. Mr. DeBalsi will work with the new Hartford Police Chief on the issue. The idea of a block party was discussed for Hartford neighborhoods. Also, meeting in “drug neighborhoods”, not in a public meeting facility.

8:11 PM Ken Parker moves to adjourn the combined meeting. Simon Dennis seconds. A unanimous verbal vote passes the motion.

8:12 PM Kevin Christie moves to adjourn the combined meeting. Eric Michaels seconds the motion. A unanimous verbal vote 5 yes 0 no passes the motion.

8:14 PM The School Board breaks

8:20 PM Kevin Christie calls the School Board meeting to order


Tom DeBalsi

Kevin Christie

Peter Merrill

Lori Dickerson

Eric Michaels

Approval of Agenda- Mr. DeBalsi makes a point of clarification. Items not on the Agenda can be added at this time but can not be voted on since the Agenda item had not been warned.

Peter Merrill asks to add the item of Open Meeting Policy for sub committees brought up previously by Scott Johnson. Discussion, if it’s a committee of one does this apply? Who would take minutes for the sub committee meetings? Is a member a liaison for a committee? Kevin will ask Nicole Mace, Legal Counsel for Vermont School Board Association to advise on this subject.

Mr. DeBalsi directs the meeting back to the Approval of Agenda. Peter Merrill moves to accept the agenda as presented. Lori Dickerson seconds the motion. A unanimous verbal vote 4 yes 0 no passes the motion.

Public Comments-None

Consent Agenda-

  • Minutes of February 11, 2015- Eric Michaels moves to accept the minutes as written. Peter Merrill seconds. A 3 yes 1 abstain (Lori Dickerson absent for 2/11/15 mtg) vote passes the motion.

Future Agenda items-

  • sub committee/meeting minutes

  • academic rigor/monitor report (Tom may use Action Plans)

  • policy governance (Tom & Peter will work on a schedule of reporting)

  • appropriate channels of communication with parents/staff/administration

  • Title IX Harvard Gender Discrimination Policy

  • HMMS Monitor Report (Due to parent bringing up an issue with child & HMMS during Candidate Night discussion, The Board & SOS would like Mr. Grant to include Public Relations in his Monitor Report) Peter Merrill moves the discussion at 8:54 PM

Incidental Information

  • Kevin Christie reports on a Bill in Legislature regarding collective bargaining

  • Lori Dickerson was representing the Board testifying before the Committee on February 26th (how can we work through the question of strikes is the key topic)

8:57 PM Peter Merrill moves to adjourn. Eric Michaels seconds the motion. A unanimous 4 yes 0 no passes the motion.

 Respectfully submitted

Carol Bagley 3/5/15