July 17, 2019

HHS Hosts Blood Drive

HHS Hosts Blood Drive DATE: 03-14-2015

March 12, 2015- Hartford High Hosts Blood Drive on behalf of the American Red Cross for the tenth consecutive year. Organized by Student Council along with advisor, Shannon Johnson, students coordinate donations for their peers aged 16 and older. I caught students, Kaylee Williams and Jordyn Pallmerine, manning the table during H-Block; they were happy with the turnout of more than forty students, but were disappointed that the HHS goal was compromised due to the late arrival of the Red Cross nurses.


Students like to give blood because they know that their donation could help others and are proud of donating for consecutive years. One student, Matt Whyte, (pictured below, seated right, with Tayler Larmie, left)  shared with my class about having donated twice the standard amount due to his coveted type “A-Negative” blood: he explained that the plasma was circulated back into his veins while the precious red blood cells were donated. The nurses explained that they would use the cells for packed red blood cell packets; Matt observed as various tubes extracted blood that was shot through a centrifuge and mixed with an anticoagulant; another mixed with saline for hydration, along with a third tube that returned his plasma. His audience of ninth graders -not yet the required 16-years of age to donate- listened wide-eyed to the charismatic senior as he recounted the experience and then added the bonus, “They fed us Boloco and I even got a chocolate muffin!”


Thanks to all who donated!

-Alexis Nelson