July 19, 2019

Time Travelers at DBS

Time Travelers at DBS DATE: 03-26-2015

March 26, 2015- Clearly, the Dothan Brook 5th graders are having way too much fun, thanks to the thoughtful and skillful learning design of their teachers, Franklin Burns and Cherrie Torrey.

On Wednesday, March 25, 2015, the much anticipated Annual Biography Fair occurred. Visitors were transported through space and time as fifth graders embodied their personnages, ranging from contemporary figures like Tina Fey and Steve Jobs to almost mythical characters of Cleopatra and Leonardo da Vinci. (Check out the full cast of characters at the bottom of page!)


I inquired about the Biography Fair and Mr. Burns explained, “All kids at the school come through to see the fair.  Each grade does a "project" around our event.  For example, the second grade uses iPads to take a selfie with their favorite character.  They then go back to write informational paragraphs about the person.  Now that we have been doing it for three years the kids come into 5th grade knowing who they want to be.  I also get funding through a grant from the Rotary Club of White river to purchase supplies and new books for all the kids. It's great!”

As if it weren’t enough to have all the grades participating in this school-wide event, there’s a cutting-edge technology component to this traditional history fair: each project includes QR Codes that link to:

* Digital Recordings of the kids doing poetry

* Google Presentations

* Essays on their person

The community is also invited so parents and extended family can attend. This year there were 100 community attendees, and last year there were almost 200! If you weren’t lucky enough to attend, check out this video for a virtual tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5leWBfwXTKw.   

This is the third year for DBS’ Biography Fair, however this is Mr. Burns’ thirteenth year hosting the event, having organized it for the ten years that he taught in Atlanta, GA. Mr. Burns is a Hartford alumni and we are lucky to have his innovative spirit return to his alma mater. His students were just featured in the Valley News in an article called Learning That Lasts, highlighting the project-based work that Burns excels in facilitating.

Bio Fair Cast of Characters.png

-Alexis Nelson