July 20, 2019

HSB Meeting Minutes March 25, 2015

DATE: 03-27-2015

Hartford School Board Directors Meeting

March 25, 2015

7:00 PM The Getaway


Board Members present: Administration present:

Kevin Christie Jim Vezina

Lori Dickerson Tom DeBalsi

Cathy Newton

Paul Keane

Peter Merrill

Eric Michaels

Paula Nulty - School Board Member Elect

Kevin Christie called the meeting to order at 7:06 PM.

Approval of Agenda: Peter Merrill moves to amend the Agenda by deferring the Policy Review for next meeting. Paul Keane seconds. A unanimous verbal vote 5 yes 0 no passes the motion.

Public Comments - None

Mr. DeBalsi introduces 2 student liaisons to the School Board

James (Luke) LaFountaine, HHS Junior

Madelyn Koff, HHS Freshman

Both students will begin at the April meeting.

Reading Recovery-

Reid Burriss

April Thorburn

Lynn Porter

Lori Derosier

Presented the HSD Reading Recovery project.

FY16 Budget review and reconsideration- Mr. DeBalsi and Mr. Vezina review the 3.9% budget increase proposed budget. Discussion of whether the Board should present other options to the taxpayers at the March 28, 2015 floor meeting. Mr. Vezina presented document Object Expense Description FY 2016 Budget Increases/Decreases,  Mr. Keane again suggests to the Board and Mr. DeBalsi if the District cut 2 of the 3 elementary administrators that would be a $200,000.00 reduction in the budget. Mr. Vezina also clarifies the General Fund Article #4 FY 2015.

Peter Merrill motions to go forward with the budget presented. Eric Michaels seconds the motion. A verbal vote 3 (Merrill, Michaels, Christie) 2 (Dickerson, Keane) passes the motion.

March 28, 2015 Floor meeting planning- Peter Merrill will present the previously used powerpoint presentation. Mr. Vezina will have an easy to understand slide/sheet ready with the reductions of 3.9%, 3.0%, 2.5%.

9:02 PM Peter Merrill request a 5 minute break.

9:10 PM Board resumes meeting.

Minutes March 11, 2015-

Resignations- reported by Mr. DeBalsi

Joel Singley

Amos Kornfeld

Alma Zwikelmaier

Nancy Ingenloff

Elena Frimerman

Kate Levy

Lori Dickerson moves to accept the Consent Agenda as presented. Paul Keane seconds. A unanimous verbal vote 5 yes 0 no passes the motion. Mr. DeBalsi will thank those resigning for their time with the district.

Incidental Information- Review floor meeting agenda

  • review warrant issues

  • sign resolution for Eric Michaels

  • salary considerations for Board Members

  • minutes from 2014 floor meeting

Future Agenda Items-

  • District Nursing staff review of fluoridation program in the District

  • reorganization meeting-first meeting in April

  • German Student Exchange Program presentation

  • NY Senate Bill for cursive writing and multiplication tables

  • status of field house/fitness center

  • Board wishes Eric Michaels the best, thanks him for his time/service on the School Board

  • Eric Michaels gives his well wishes to Paula Nulty, Member Elect

9:26 PM Peter Merrill moves to adjourn. Eric Michaels seconds. A unanimous verbal vote passes the motion 5 yes 0 no.

 Minutes Respectfully Submitted/Posted,

Carol Bagley

3/27/15 5:40 PM