July 19, 2019

Kindness is Contagious at HMMS

Kindness is Contagious at HMMS DATE: 03-31-2015

March 31, 2015- Kindness was contagious at HMMS last week as the entire school intentionally celebrated the esteemed virtue. As reported by principal John Grant in the weekly newsletter, “The week of March 23rd-27th has been designated HMMS Kindness week. We will be celebrating kindness In order to increase respect, unity, and social justice. We are planning a variety of advisory activities, a school-wide pledge for kindness, encouraging random acts of kindness, kindness-themed dress up days, and more! We will finish off the week with an all-school celebration during advisory on Friday that will be led by student council. We are excited about this initiative!”

To add a bit of fun to the mix, each day was designated as a “Dress-up Day” as follows:

Tuesday: Team kindness (sport themed or team attire)

Wednesday: Tied together by kindness (wear a tie)

Thursday: Peace, love, and kindness (hippie day)

Friday: HMMS kindness shirt day

Finally, a fever we’d all like to catch and share with others!

-Alexis Nelson