July 18, 2019

Policy Committee Meeting Minutes - 5-12-2015

DATE: 05-14-2015

Hartford School District

School Board of Directors Policy Committee

May 12, 2015


Present: Joe Collea, Tom DeBalsi, Audra Bucklin, Rick Dustin-Eichler, Peter Merrill, Joe James, Luna Ricker, Susan Walker, Kacey Murphy


Discussion focused on the concussion policy and included the nursing staff of the middle and high school as well as the athletic director and trainer. Careful review of the return to play protocol was completed. Concern was noted that the return to play be signed off by the school nurse and not by anyone with a vested interest in the athlete returning to play. The draft of the concussion policy was reviewed. Joe James clarified the requirements for the new policy. High school and middle school football, hockey and lacrosse will be required to have a certified athletic trainer at games starting in the fall of 2015.


Next meeting 5/26/2015