July 17, 2019

Draft Meeting Minutes August 12, 2015

DATE: 08-18-2015

Hartford School Board Directors Meeting

August 12, 2015

5:00 PM Superintendent of Schools Office

Draft Minutes


Board Members present: Administration present:

Kevin Christie (5:08 PM) Tom DeBalsi

Lori Dickerson

Paul Keane Noel Bryant
Peter Merrill

Paula Nulty


Lori Dickerson called the meeting to order at 5:04 PM.


Peter Merrill moves to approve the Agenda as presented. Paula Nulty seconds. A unanimous verbal vote 4 yes 0 no passes the motion.


Board Retreat- Led by Mr. DeBalsi reviews the 3 goals of the School Board.

Facilities Planning Review and update- #1

Discussion involved but was not limited to the following:

  • Wilder school much needed work, funding for work/discuss with State, ? new space for program, students in Wilder school & RRC need better spaces to bring them up to where other HSD students receive an education, direct SOS to make Wilder School #1 priority on Facilities list

  • OQS- staining on front of school has been pressure washed, David Laurin has ideas for rusted frames at both DBS & OQS and will discuss with SOS, crack in wall/door area is to monitored for changes/maintenance

  • DBS-parking lot/drop off area,ask principals of OQS and DBS to collaborate and brainstorm on how to accomplish a safer drop off, ? parking/traffic guard

  • parking lots of HSD, Black Top paving has been consulted, possible new technique changing cost SOS will report back

  • HMMS outside band room issue, Byron Baribeau is getting estimate on repair/safety issue

  • Maintain all buildings, begin Phase 2 of projects in the process-SOS will return to Board with a list

District Wide Technology Review - #2

Discussion involved but not limited to the following:

  • upgrades reviewed

  • HSD has invested in issues w/o strategic needs of the institution

  • IT staffing

  • impact on students, online classes capability

Academic Rigor- #3

Discussion involved but was not limited to the following:

  • Hartford action plans aligned/ahead of State

  • “Grade Creep”

  • ends policies/student achievements

  • local assessments

  • Board waiting for list of standardized testing given/cost

Hi Carol :

Please add

. "Mr. Keane  proposed that a 4th goal should be abolishing use of policy governance for Hartford School Board ".

Let me know if there is a problem with this request please.

Added per request by Paul Keane 8/19/15 Carol Bagley

Next years process discussion:

  • Ends Policy Monitor/Report

  • Policy Governance - effective or ineffective?

  • Balance of Board’s work

6:45 PM Lori Dickerson moves the meeting along.

6:46 PM Lori Dickerson calls for a short dinner break.

7:02 PM Lori Dickerson reconvenes the public meeting


Public Comments-

  • Ben Phipps makes a sports statement regarding the ends policies not working in Hartfordthanks Paula Nulty for her work on behalf of students, speaks about ongoing issues in sports and elsewhere, requests focus be on students, has concerns about ends policies not working

  • Rebecca White reports on Select Board work, invites seniors to make a time capsule to be opened in 50 years, invites HSB to have Charter Committee members, School Board liaison to Select Board still needed

  • Mike Perry, track coach, speaks to the jump pits. WABA project town removed the pits and hasn’t put them back in, impact on students/program, funding discussion of town vs school funding

  • Sheila Hastie clarifies town decision for jump pits

  • Chris Sneddon would like to see a town wide survey including the school district, speaks to and supports the propriety of Paula Nulty’s action as a parent and Board member, called for a transparent evaluation system for coaches

  • Ben Phipps states his opinion of the coach controversy and asks for a coach eval with transparency

  • Joan Joni Cole shares her daughter’s daughters’ positive sports experiences in HSD; says there is inconsistency in coaching; calls for transparency, oversight process and that HSD find and use an existing model for a good sports program; recognizes Paula Nulty for her research

  • Ben Phipps asks SOS for time frame for Code of Conduct and evals, surveys and gives his opinion of HSD leadership

  • Colleen Newton Pause requests action on addressing the sports’ issues

Consent Agenda-

July 22, 2015 meeting minutes: Peter Merrill, Paula Nulty ask for changes to minutes, Peter Merrill motions to accept with amendments. Paul Keane asks for wording change (gender neutral language be on a future Agenda). Peter Merrill moves to accept with all amendments. Paula Nulty seconds. A unanimous verbal vote 5 yes 0 no passes the motion.

Peter Merrill moves to enter Executive Session for personnel grievance matter. Kevin Christie seconds. Peter Merrill moves to go into ES. Paul Keane seconds. A unanimous verbal vote 5 yes 0 no passes the motion.

The following go into Executive Session with the Board:

Tom DeBalsi, John Grant, Liz Barker, Cherrie Torrey, Neil Cronce, Bernie Lambeck


9:38 PM the Board came out of executive session. Lori Dickerson announced the grievance was withdrawn, the Board need not make any action.

9:42 PM Peter Merrill moves to adjourn. Paul Keane seconds. A unanimous verbal vote passes the motion.


Original Draft Respectfully Submitted

Carol Bagley 8/17/15
Please note: Additions to this docucment have been made by School Board Members dated after 8/17/15. Statements appear that were not in the original document submitted by cb 8/17/15/cb