July 17, 2019

Field Hockey Makes Playoffs

Field Hockey Makes Playoffs DATE: 10-17-2015

October 17, 2015- The Girls Varsity Field Hockey team is doing well this year with a 6-4-3 record. They’ve made the playoffs and they have the talent to win the championship, especially with leading scorer, Senior, Megan Newton #2. They tied on Saturday against Otter Valley. They are a great team and have really put in a lot of effort into this season. Recently they had senior day celebrating all the team’s seniors including: Shayla Prior #4, Kristen Davis #5, Morgan Horne #7, Gina Kersey #13, Eileen Curley #14, Megan Newton #16, Carolin Knight #17, and Paige Kehoe #20.

-Steven Neily ‘18, Clara Posner ‘18