July 20, 2019

Policy Committee Meeting Minutes 10-27-2015

DATE: 10-30-2015

Hartford School Board of Directors
Policy Subcommittee
Superintendent of Schools Office

Members Present: Joe Collea, Charles Reibel, Sheila Powers, Peter Merrill, Tom DeBalsi

Guests: Paul Keane

The committee discussed the draft model policy for hazing harassment and bullying of students provided by the state model policy committee.

Discussion occurred about why the state uses the word sex instead of gender in the model policy. Mr. Keane discussed his concerns with the inclusion of the acronym "LBGTQ" to the policy language, he feels the use will promote Hartford's acceptance of all students.
Review continued through the definitions section of the model policy. Clarity and consistency of the language were noted as imperative for proper implementation.

Next meeting is scheduled for November 10, 2015 at 4:45 at the Superintendent's Office.