July 20, 2019

Girls Soccer' Round Up

Girls Soccer' Round Up DATE: 10-22-2015

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October 22, 2015-“I think...we have the ability to beat any team in Vermont,” stated a confident Kaylee Williams. WIlliams, a junior left back, speaks highly of her team’s chances in their upcoming playoff game against Lake Region. 

The 7-7 team has improved from last season, where they went 4-8-2, and Williams says this may be attributed to better team chemistry. “I think we are playing a lot better than last season… We are playing together and no one is being singled out.” The squad graduated seven seniors last year, but has received strong leadership across the board this year.

They have been a victim of inconsistency, often only winning or losing no more than two or three games in a row before a different result. A disappointing 4-2 loss against Mill River came before a dominating 4-0 win over Springfield. A rough 5-0 defeat to Rutland led to two solid wins over Springfield again and Fair Haven.

This has led them to their perfectly mediocre 7-7 record, but don’t be too quick to dismiss them. Junior defender Kyra Wood says, “I think our record is not an exact reflection of our skills and ability… They were really good battles [where] our team and the other team tried hard and we just happened to not come out on top [on the scoreline].” The team looks to be in pretty good shape, and will try and overcome their seeming inconsistency with their excellent teamwork. “Our team dominates the field for a majority of the game and we all work really hard together… I think that whoever we play in [the] playoffs, we will have a pretty good chance,” proclaims Wood.

-Carter Farnsworth, ‘18