July 18, 2019

Las Compas Que Baila

Las Compas Que Baila DATE: 10-23-2015

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October 22, 2015- ¡Hola! Last week Hartford High School and some surrounding schools and businesses were visited by an exchange group. These visitors were dancers from Nicaragua and came to raise funds for Compas de Nicaragua. This is a foundation that helps women in Nicaragua secure housing and raise their family while working. The situation for these women is not the best, but it is an improvement from living on the street or in a home with multiple families.

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“My favorite memory was sitting down and talking with one of the Nicaraguans...She showed me photos of her two children, her husband, her parents, and siblings. I felt honored that she wanted to share her life with me.” - Ethan Scribner ‘16

The group toured and performed in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.The dancers that came were from the ages 15 to 21, with most of them being 17. While they were here they stayed with students from Hartford High School and performed for students from the middle and high school. Although most of these students barely knew how to speak English, all hosts were able to communicate with the dancers and learn about them and their lives in Nicaragua. This experience also gave the host students real life practice speaking Spanish.


-Nichole Wardwell, ‘16