July 20, 2019

DBS has Community Helpers

DBS has Community Helpers DATE: 12-14-2015

As a part of their Community Helpers unit, the first graders of Dothan Brook School went out into the Harford community to meet various people and talk to them about their jobs. We visited the Fire Station, Police Station, Veremedy Pet Hospital, Hartford’s Waste Water Plant, Recycling Center and Public Works. In addition to our visits, several community members joined us at Dothan Brook. First graders interviewed Dr. Toms from White River Family, Practice Ellen and Alanna from The Haven, Officer White from the US Navy, Ms. Lindberg from Mascoma Savings Bank, Steve Locke our Hartford Town Manager and our School Superintendent, Tom DeBalsi. We learned a lot about the Hartford community and all of the wonderful community helpers it has. As a culminating project, first graders will be reflecting on their community and how they, too, can become a community helper. They will also be re-creating their homes with gingerbread that was generously donated by King Arthur Flour.