July 19, 2019

Charter Review Meeting Minutes-12-14-2015

DATE: 12-18-2015

Monday, December 14, 2015 Meeting of the Charter Review Committee in the Town Hall, RM 1. Attendance: Dennis Brown, Lannie Collins, Scott Johnson, Dick Grassi, Becca White, Alex DeFelice, Lori Dickerson, and Paula Nulty. (Three citizens, three select board members, two school board members.) Alex DeFelice elected chair. Rebecca White note taker. Set goal of ending meeting by 8:30PM. Questions on goal of the committee and what are the three things to be addressed in the Charter. 1. Remove State and Town Statute redundancies. 2. Change voting day to more Australian Ballot. 3. Local Option tax- it is a part of the Charter but the language and work will not be added to this committees work. Timeline discussed. Discussion on the role of the Moderator, an elected position in town. Consensus on school and town remaining in the same charter hence forward. Discussed voting day changes by the committee, we would move to: 1. Town Informational Meeting 2. Voting Day via Australian Ballot Both of budgets voted in - No more meetings. One or both budgets do not get voted in. 3. Discussion Day on the Budget 4. Second Voting Day via Australian Ballot Both of budgets voted in- No more meetings One of both of budgets voted down. 5. Default Budget is voted in. Description of a default budget. A flat budget, exactly the same as last years. Discussion of potential going to flat budget plus COLA, or Flat Budget plus COLA and contractual obligations. Clear stance that on each new Australian Ballot vote and discussion there needs to have a newly presented budget. Can not propose same budget twice. Explanation of Paper Ballot vs Australian Ballot. Question: can there be two different default budgets- one for town one for school? DeFelice asks if there is a need for other issues to be taken up in the Charter- example of the Town Manager’s description. Town managers job description, state wide they have one. Do we insert that our TM has to live in town? General agreement that is a task for another day. Next Steps: 1. Removed redundancies paper, Becca will send out email with those removed that we got from council. 2. Go back to our respective boards and talk over thoughts. For School Board that is Wednesday 12/16 for Select Board is Tuesday 12/15. 3. Meeting Date is Monday 12/21 and draft is due 12/29. Known that the School Boards next meeting with holidays is 1/16 which may complicate process for approval.