July 20, 2019

High School/Middle School Principal Search Process

DATE: 12-19-2015

Hartford School District


Hartford Memorial Middle/Hartford High School

Draft Principal Search Process Time-line

December 8, 2015 – meet with HMMS Staff - 3:00 HMMS Library

December 15, 2015 – meet with HHS Staff - 3:00 HHS Library

        Superintendent meets with staff to gather input for the development of the expectations for the Principal positions

       Advertisement developed and posted on Schoolspring.com and other national education websites

       Search team recruited and selected

Week of January 4 and 11, 2016

      Committee meets to discuss search process, review, refine and identify specific characteristics and expectations for each position

       Design screening tool based on characteristics and expectations for application review and interview selection

      Search Committee Members discuss first round interview questions for each position based on characteristics and expectations criteria

Week of January 18 and January 25, 2016

      Search Committee members individually review and rate HMMS and HHS applicant packets for first round interviews

      Superintendent contacts first round candidates to schedule     interviews

Week of January 25 and February 1, 2016

       First Round Interviews held for each position

       Search Committee discusses and selects 1st round finalists

       Superintendent conducts 1st round finalist reference checks

       Finalists notified by Superintendent

       Second interviews with finalists scheduled

Week of February 8, 2016

      Finalist’s interviews held     

      Search committee identifies 2nd round finalists to move on to student, staff, parent and community forums

      Finalists’ Site Visits to HMMS/HHS School (student, staff, parent    and community forums)

      Search committee reviews feedback sheets from finalist forums

      Superintendent conducts any remaining reference checks

      Site visits to finalist’s current school may be scheduled

      Superintendent selects new HMMS and HHS principal

      Superintendent negotiates contract

February 15, 2016

      Superintendent announces and nominates new HMMS Principal at February, 2016 School Board Meeting