July 18, 2019

Special Meeting - School/Select Board 12-28-2015

DATE: 12-30-2015

Hartford Board of School Directors

Special School/Select Board Meeting Minutes

December 28, 2015 @ 6:00 pm

Town Hall

School Board Members Present: Lori Dickerson, Kevin Christie, Paula Nulty, Russell North   

Select Board Members Present: Chuck Wooster, Alex Defelice, Matt Bucy, Rebecca White

Administrators Present: Tom DeBalsi, Steve Locke

Town/School Charter Committee Members Present: Scott Johnson, Dennis Brown, Lannie Collins

Visitors: Mike Morris

1.  Call to Order: Lori Dickerson calls the meeting to order at 6:00  pm.

2.  Discusion of Proposed Charter Amendments:

Steve Locke reviewed the proposed charter changes and his discussions with the town and school attorney on such matters, Paul Giuliani. A draft Article 14 was submitted for review and discussion purposes. The article would appear on the town warrant as Article 14 and would also appear exactly the same on the school warrant but would not be Article 14, since the school will only have a few articles. Current wording of the article as proposed is the following:

Shall the Town of Hartford and the Hartford Town School District amend the Town Charter to provide for the consideration of all budget adoption matters by Australian ballot? The effectiveness of this Article is conditioned upon approval by both the Town and the Town School District. (By Australian Ballot)

A second article was also discussed calling for a default budget to be implemented if the proposed budget for either entity fails. This default budget would be the same as the previous years budget. Mr. Giuliani feels this would be very problematic and likely if passed by the electorate to not pass the necessary state legislature required approval vote.This is because the proposed default budget was not affirmed by the voters of the town.

Rebecca White attending via telephone conference call moves the approval of Article 14 as written to appear on the ballot. The Select Board approves. Paula Nulty moves the same question  for the School Board and Russ North seconds the motion. All in favor, 4, opposed, 0.

Other changes to the charter were discussed but this year only the proposed Town Article 14 will be submitted. The charter committee may continue to meet to discuss other changes in subsequent years.

3.  Adjournment


6:45 Paula Nulty Merrill moved to adjourn, seconded by Russ North. A unanimous verbal vote passed the motion (4 yes, 0 no).  

The Select Board continued to meet in regards to other warrant articles they may propose to the voters.

Draft respectfully submitted 12/30/15

Tom DeBalsi