July 19, 2019

DBS 5th Grade Student Citizens

DBS 5th Grade Student Citizens DATE: 01-21-2016

January 30, 2016- This past week, the Dothan Brook 5
th grade teachers along with many parent chaperones took their fifth graders to the Vermont State House. When asked about the inspiration for this field trip, Mr. Burns explained:

“Each year I try to bring my Social Studies class to life in as many ways as I can.  For the past four years our fifth grade has done a project with our students as part of our government and citizenship unit.  It all started when we first received iPads from the district.  Each year we take the students to Hartford High school on Election Day to do an exit poll with the voters.  There was no election this past November so I had to come up with a plan B for the groups​. With the help of Hartford’s own Representative Gabrielle Lucke I organized a trip to the State House for the entire fifth grade.

This was the culminating event for our unit. Through a series of lessons, students decided upon two things they wanted to know.  They asked all adults at the State House two questions:

1) In November, will this be your first time voting?

2) Why do you believe it is important for citizens to vote?

The entire 5th grade was introduced on the floor of the State House and had VIP access to the building.  In total we collected approximately 350 different responses.  Two groups even had the chance to meet with the governor. The event was covered by three different news stations who shadowed the groups for the day.  
Now, we’ll take a few days to analyze our data.  Students will compile the answers and determine three overall themes for why voting is important.  They will also compare the data of the “first time voting” data to previous years.  This allows the class to look for patterns in voter turnout from year to year.  Then, the students will transform their data into projects that can be presented to the community.  For example last year students made infomercials on the importance of voting.”

To see the students in action, check out the following links to see the official news media coverage, in addition to Mr. Burns’ video account of the trip.

WCAX Channel 3: http://www.wcax.com/story/31063672/vt-students-learn-about-the-importance-of-voting

Local ABC News 22: http://www.mychamplainvalley.com/news/5th-graders-interview-vt-legislature

Mr. Burns’ YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_g7QqJQQWUo


-Alexis Nelson, HHS, HSD Press Corps