July 20, 2019

HSB Meeting Minutes for September 14, 2016

DATE: 09-14-2016

Hartford Board of School Directors
School Board Meeting Agenda
September 14, 2016 @ 6:30 pm
Hartford Town Hall

Board Members present: Lori Dickerson, Kevin Christie, Peter Merrill, Nancy Russell

Administrator present: Noel Bryant

1.   Call to Order: Lori Dickerson calls the meeting to order at 6:31 pm.

2.   Public Comments relative to items not on the Agenda:

  • Kevin Christie speaks in reference to inaccurate comments made in regards to the board working with other communities for Act 46. Hartford has a subcommittee that has been talking with other communities about ideas that would allow collaboration. There seems to be a recent misunderstanding that since Hartford is in a safe zone, discussions are not occurring, which is untrue. Kevin Christie and Peter Merrill have themselves gone to meetings and met with boards around Act 46.

3.   Changes, Additions and Approval of Agenda:

  • Peter Merrill moves to remove the 8/10/16 minutes from the consent agenda for corrections. The motion is seconded. An unanimous verbal vote passes the motion (4 yes, 0 no).

  • Lori Dickerson moves to postpone the policy governance discussion and training since   not all members are present. Nancy Russell seconds. An unanimous verbal vote passes the motion (4 yes, 0 no).

4.   Consent Agenda

  • Minutes - Regular Meeting/s - 8/24/2016

  • Special Meeting/s - 7/20/2016, 8/17/2016, 8/23/2016

  • Warning Approval and Signing – November 8, 2016 Special Meeting Posting

  • Kevin Christie moves to accept the consent agenda with the removal of the 8/10/16 minutes and a spelling correction to the 8/23/16 minutes. An unanimous verbal vote passes the motion (4 yes, 0 no).

  • Minutes 8/10/2016 - Peter Merrill moves to make the changes that he suggested for the minutes 8/10/16. Kevin Christie seconds. An unanimous verbal vote passes the motion (4 yes, 0 no).

5.   Items Requiring Board Discussion and Possible Action:

  • Policy EL 9.4 Communication and Support to the Board – Incidental Information

    • Noel Bryant  reports that she and Tom DeBalsi visited the schools, checking in with principals. She shares that the three new administrators are doing well, and that she and Tom DeBalsi will continue to meet with them on a regular basis. The schools have begun to administer the STAR assessment, which will be given thrice annually.

    • She lets the board know that Tom DeBalsi will share the enrollment report at the next meeting. As well, Tom DeBalsi has been meeting with a reporter from The Upper Valley News to cultivate a relationship and be proactive rather than reactive. The reporter observed STAR testing and spoke with DBS principal, Rick Dustin-Eichler.

  • Policy B/SR 5 First Reading to remove schedule of monitoring

    • Revised 2016-17 Work Plan

      • The board will discuss completely removing the monitoring schedule from the policy. Peter Merrill speaks in support of the removal since it is in fact contradictory to language of the policy.

    • Policy GP 7, GP 8 Board Committee Structure - elimination of Policy Subcommittee

      • Peter Merrill reminds the board that he had requested discussion on the dissolution of policy subcommittee. The policy committee has been dealing with issues around guiding staff and carrying out state mandates, which is contradictory to the requirements of GP 7. Additionally, under GP 8, there is a list of committees appropriate for the board to have. Since a policy committee is not included on the list and it is contradictory to the board’s policies, the committee should be dissolved.

      • Lori Dickerson agrees with Peter Merrill’s interpretation of the policies but knows the amount of work he has contributed to the district from that committee. Peter Merrill shares that he and Tom DeBalsi have discussed ways that he will assist the superintendent's office with the drafting and construction of procedures.

      • Peter Merrill moves to abolish the sub-committee on policies. Nancy Russell seconds. An unanimous verbal vote passes the motion (4 yes, 0 no).

6.  Meeting Review/Evaluation and Agenda Planning:

  • Lori Dickerson reads GP2 as the rationale for the process of the board evaluating their meetings.

  • Jim Fitzpatrick suggests looking at the meeting/review evaluation after each meeting, and marking n/a if a criteria does not apply to that particular meeting. The board discusses and evaluates the meeting based on the components of the review/evaluation.

  • Lori Dickerson suggests that the next board training occur at the superintendent’s office.  

7. Future Agenda Items

  • Peter Merrill would like to recognize the Hartford Police for their adopt-a-school program and the positive impact that it has had.

8.  Adjournment:

  • At 7:05 pm, Kevin Christie moves to adjourn. Nancy Russell seconds. An unanimous verbal vote passes the motion (4 yes, 0 no). The meeting is adjourned at 7:05 pm.

Draft Respectfully Submitted 8/14/16

by Hannah Prescott