July 18, 2019

First Public Hearing for Proposed Charter Amendments - October 4, 2016

DATE: 09-28-2016






Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at 7:00 pm


Hartford Town Hall

171 Bridge Street

White River Junction, Vermont 05001



  1. I.              Call to Order the First Public Hearing for Proposed Charter Amendments


II.       Order of Agenda


IV.      Selectboard and School Board of Directors


  1. 1.     Proposed Charter Amendments


  1. Shall the Town of Hartford and the Hartford Town School District amend the Town Charter to provide for the consideration of all budget adoption matters by Australian ballot? The effectiveness of this Article is conditioned upon the approval by both the Town and the Town School District.


  1. Shall the Charter of the Town of Hartford be amended to authorize the levy of a one percent (1%) rooms and meals/alcoholic beverages tax, the net proceeds of which to be deposited in a capital reserve fund until directed otherwise by vote of the Town. 


  1. 2.     Citizen, Selectboard Comments and Announcements: TBD


  1. 3.     Future Meeting Dates
    1. Second Public Hearing for Proposed Charter Amendments 10/25/16 at a regularly scheduled Selectboard Meeting in the Hartford Town Hall
    2. Special Town Meeting Australian Ballot Vote November 8, 2016 at the Hartford High School Gymnasium


V.       Adjournment (Mot. Req.)


All Meetings of the Hartford Selectboard are open to the public. Persons who are seeking action by the Selectboard are asked to submit their request and/or materials to the Selectboard Chair or Town Manager’s office no later than noon on the Wednesday preceding the scheduled meeting date. Requests received after that date will be addressed at the discretion of the Chair. Citizens wishing to address the board should do so during the Citizen Comments period; comments from the public