July 18, 2019

Charter Commission Draft Minutes

DATE: 10-21-2016

Town of Hartford, Vermont

4th Charter Commission

Minutes of 19 Oct 2016

Present: Simon Dennis, Chair; Gayle Ottman, Vice Chair; F. X. Flinn, Clerk; Nancy Russell; Scott Johnson; Russell North; Eric Michaels

Simon Dennis called to order 7pm

Agenda reviewed, no changes.

  1. Committee introduced themselves to one another and spoke briefly about their interest in serving on the committee.

  2. Committee briefly reviewed it’s charge

  • Although the final due date is now Dec 20 instead of Nov 25, the committee determined it should try to meet the original deadline in order to give the school and select boards more time.

  • Nancy Russell stated that the school board will probably not have any recommendations and confirmed that by follow up email the morning after the meeting.

  1. Election of Officers: Russell North nominated Simon Dennis to serve as Chair, Gayle Ottman to serve as Vice-Chair, F. X. Flinn to serve as Clerk. Scott Johnson seconded. Unanimously approved.

  2. Future Meeting Dates and Principal Objectives: The committee set 4 meeting dates and then discussed how to approach the task, resulting in this schedule (note: meetings will be in Town Hall Room 317 with whiteboard supplies).

  • Wed Nov 2 7-8:30 – Review Giuliani memo and charter redline; discuss memo of 2nd charter commission

  • Wed Nov 9 6 – 730 – Continue 2nd charter memo review (if necessary); discuss Town meeting cycle changes; discuss any other changes.

  • Mon Nov 14 7-8:30 – Review specific language and come to general agreement

  • Mon 21 7 – 8:30 – polishing final document and presentation, timeline tasks, meeting needs for charter hearings, Info Night etc

  1. Tasks for next meeting

  • Committee members should read Giuliani’s memos and redline version of existing charter

  • Committee members should read memo of 2nd Charter Commission

  • Scott Johnson will vet Giuliani’s redundancy edits and ID state law versions so that we can answer the question of where in state law the things we take out of the charter are located

  • Simon Dennis will set up an editable version of the Charter for each member in Google Docs to use if they want.

Meeting adjourned 8:30 pm on motion of Flinn, Johnson seconding, with unanimous approval.