July 16, 2019

HSB Meeting Minutes for October 26, 2016

DATE: 10-27-2016

Hartford Board of School Directors
School Board Meeting Agenda
October 26, 2016 @ 7:00 pm
Hartford Town Hall

Board members present: Lori Dickerson, Kevin Christie, Peter Merrill, Paula Nulty, Nancy Russell

Administrators present: Tom DeBalsi, Noel Bryant


1.   Call to Order: Lori Dickerson calls the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  


2.   Public Comments:

  • Dr. Sheila Hastie addresses the lack of a track in Hartford, discussing that further exploration could be done to determine an accurate price for the track construction.

  • Peter Merrill addresses the vandalism to DBS last week and the united response from the DBS community in the form of a march.

  • Jeff Arnold speaks to the fact that healthcare classes at HHS do not continue past 9th grade, that there are ways to improve the HHS website, and the time the board is spending on policy governance.


3.   Changes, Additions and Approval of Agenda:

  • Peter Merrill moves to approve the agenda with the removal of the executive session. The motion is seconded. A unanimous verbal vote passes the motion (5 yes, 0 no).


4.   Special Recognition – Hartford Police Department:

  • The board presents Chief Kasten, as a representative of the police department, a plaque to thank the the department for all the work it is doing to further the education of students in the school district through the Adopt-a-School Program. Chief Kasten speaks to his pride in the department as well as the department’s commitment to the program and the relationships that have been built.  


5.   Consent Agenda:

  • Minutes -   Regular Meeting - 10/12/2016

Special Meeting 10/20/2016

  • Kevin Christie moves to accept the consent agenda as presented. The motion is seconded. A unanimous verbal votes passes the motion (4 yes, 0 no; Peter Merrill abstains).


6.   Items Requiring Board Discussion and Possible Action:

  • Policy EL 9.4 Communication and Support to the Board – Incidental Information

    • Tom DeBalsi shares that there are leads for finding the DBS vandalizers. Wayne Bailey, from Miles Supply in Barre, offered his services to remove the graffiti. The HHS football and field hockey team are each facing Colchester in playoff games.

    • Brookmeade Development Update

      • Doug Heavisides speaks to the successful adult education programs at the Tech Center. The profit is in a reserve account with the aim of using the funds to renovate the industrial arts space. The infrastructure work for the six remaining houses on the Brookmeade Development lot is going out to bid and he reviews the project costs of the development.

    • Town/School Annual Meeting Schedule

      • Tom DeBalsi provides a draft meeting schedule for the board to review.

  • Policy EL 5 Financial Planning and Budgeting

    • Preliminary Budget and Bond Proposals FY18

      • Jim Vezina shares the preliminary budget for FY18, reviewing major changes in decreases and increases in the budget, and changes to the student population in regard to tuition students. The board thanks Jim Vezina.

      • Tom DeBalsi presents possible projects for bond proposals, such as the parking lots and the Wilder School renovations, to the board for consideration. The board discusses options and considerations around Wilder School renovations.

  • Policy GP 3 Board Job Outcomes

    • Board Member Committee Reports

      • Nancy Russell reports that the HCC has funds for the summer food program and is looking for a closer location. There are upcoming Charter Committee meetings.

      • Lori Dickerson reports that the Selectboard is moving forward with their budget. For teacher negotiations, ground rules are set and proposals have been exchanged.

      • Paula Nulty reports that ground rules are set and proposals have been exchanged for support staff negotiations.

      • Kevin Christie shares that he and Peter Merrill are working to address the inaccurate rumor that Hartford is uninterested in consolidating.

  • Policy GP 9 Governance Investment – Monitoring Report

    • Paula Nulty presents how she scored the board on the monitoring report for GP 9, her interpretation, and explanations for any pieces of the policy that she felt the board was in partial or non-compliance.

    • Peter Merrill moves to attend to the policy around the monetary values associated with it in order to be in compliance. The motion is seconded. A unanimous verbal votes passes the motion (5 yes, 0 no).

  • Policy EL 6 Emergency CEO Succession – Monitoring Report

    • Kevin Christie moves to accept the EL 6 Emergency CEO Succession report. The motion is seconded. A unanimous verbal votes passes the motion (4 yes, 0 no; Peter Merrill abstains).


7.  Meeting Review/Evaluation and Agenda Planning

  • The board evaluates tonight’s meeting per GP 2.

  • Lori Dickerson will bring a monitoring report for GP 4 Agenda Planning, Nancy Russell for B/SR 4 Delegation to the Superintendent, and Tom DeBalsi for EL 4 Financial Conditions and Activities to the next meeting.  


8.  Adjournment


9:17 Peter Merrill moves to adjourn. The motion is seconded. The meeting is adjourned at 9:17 pm.


Draft Respectfully Submitted 10/27/2016

Hannah Prescott