July 19, 2019

Support Staff Meeting Minutes 1-25-2017

DATE: 01-26-2017

Hartford School Board of Directors

January 25, 2017

Hartford High School

37 Highland Ave

White River Jct., VT  05001

Draft Minutes


Meeting was called to order by Paula Nulty at 4:40pm.


School Board members present:  Paula Nulty

Others present:  Tom DeBalsi, Scott Cameron, Cheryl French, Lynn Lowery, Scott Johnson


TAs signed:

            Article IX – Hours of work; 9.3 Overtime scheduling; D

            Article IX – Hours of work; 9.8 Posting vacancies


Discussion followed:

Open items

Health care:     difference between % and $$ amount

                        HRA – who pays the first dollar

                        Deductibles and copayments


Agenda for the next meeting:

            Health Care

            Article X – Contract renewal; 3 – ESP will work on the language


Next meeting date: 

  • February 8, 2017; 4:30 – 6:30


Meeting adjourned at 6:18pm.


Respectfully submitted


Linda Nash