July 17, 2019

Community Day Meeting Minutes for the HSB from March 4, 2017

DATE: 03-06-2017

Community Day Agenda
Town of Hartford Selectboard and School Board of Directors
March 4, 2017
Hartford High School Gymnasium

Board members present: Lori Dickerson, Kevin Christie, Peter Merrill

Administrator present: Tom DeBalsi, Noel Bryant

10:05 am Roger Bloomfield, town moderator, opens the meeting, clarifies the purpose of today’s meeting, and reviews expectations and norms.  

10:11 am Lori Dickerson calls the HSB meeting to order on Community Day.

  1. Public Hearing for Proposed Parking Lot and Roadway Improvements Bond:

    • Peter Merrill explains the proposed work including a traffic flow study; the rebuilding of roads and sidewalks; and the replacement of the drainage system, underdrains, curbing, and subsurface. The projected cost of $1,467,000 is explained as is the financing around the bond.

  2. Comments from the Floor:

    • Jeff Arnold speaks to the lack of an engineer study, makes suggestions for the process, and is concerned about the accuracy. Tom DeBalsi speaks to the thoroughness of the process, lack of precedence for use of an engineering study before a bond vote, and projects that have come in below or at budget.

    • Deb Winslow wonders about extending the sidewalks for the safety of students walking/riding to school and bus traffic related to the Tech Center. The HSD does not have jurisdiction over sidewalks that aren’t on school property.

    • Representative Gabrielle Lucke speaks to the impression of projects in the community and the dissatisfaction of the community that the project is not competitive nor open for local business. Sheila Hasty, Robin Adair, as well as other citizens second these views. Sim Dennis speaks to the benefits of establishing a standard process in the future. It is suggested that citizen committees are involved next time.

    • Tim Schaal thanks Tom DeBalsi for meeting with him with this week. It is clarified that the subsurface depth of 24 inches has always been included in the cost of the proposed bond.

    • Sally Malone asks about the consideration of other materials being used. Peter Merrill and Tom DeBalsi explain that the hope is to reduce the amount of pavement and that drainage is being looked at.

    • A citizen suggests considering rain gardens to filter the runoff.

    • Lannie Collins suggests having a project manager involved. Tom DeBalsi shares that this has been a topic of discussion to hire someone to do that work.

    • A citizen wonders if the board will reconsider their process if the bond isn’t approved. Tom DeBalsi explains that the HSB will consider the process because of the amount of feedback, there will be engineers involved in the process during the project, and David Laurin’s expertise was utilized because of a working history and his experience.

11:56 am Roger Bloomfield closes the public discussion.

12:01 pm Peter Merrill moves to adjourn. The motion is seconded. A unanimous verbal votes passes the motion (4 yes, 0 no). The meeting is adjourned.   

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Hannah Prescott