July 19, 2019

Meeting Minutes 6-14-2017

DATE: 06-17-2017

Hartford Board of School Directors

School Board Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2017 @ 7:00 pm

Members Present:                                  Hartford Town Hall

Kevin Christie

Peter Merrill

Lori Dickerson

Michelle Boleski

Tom DeBalsi

Noelle Bryant





Kevin Christie called the meeting to order at 7:23 PM.        


 Public Comments- Peter Merrill asks for a moment of reflection for the violence that occurred in Alexandria Virginia, today.


Changes, Additions and Approval of Agenda- Peter Merrill moves to approve the Agenda as presented.  Lori Dickerson seconds. A verbal unanimous  verbal vote passes the motion (4 yes 0 no)


Consent Agenda 



- Regular Meeting 5-24-2017- No discussion


Resignations and Appointments



Josh Miller, Science HMMS, Karen Allen HS Guidance, Jen  Atwater 1st Grade, DBS, Shannon McGaskill Speech


Resignation: Jessica Hunt


Peter Merrill  moves to  accept the Consent Agenda.  Lori Dickerson  seconds. A verbal vote unanimously passes the motion (4 yes 0 no).

The Board welcomes staff coming on board, and wishes the best to those leaving.



Items Requiring Board Discussion and Possible Action


Policy EL 9.4 Communication and Support to the Board – Incidental Information


- Ending the Year Well- Tom DeBalsi gave an update: 8th grade graduation tonight, solar project planning, continues, graduation update on students in danger of not graduating


Noelle Bryant: Reports on Lisa Burton’s sabbatical.  


- Parking Lot Renovation Update and Review-


Tom DeBalsi reports- Jim Vezina and Tom DeBalsi working on bond for parking lot working w/David Lauren, met with principals of schools


David Lauren- Reported - Stage: gathering information and listening to concerns. Presented a basic survey of what exists to date, 355 parking spaces now, planning stages ( choices), scheduling of deliveries with large trucks/trailers, safety concerns, use of tenney field, green space, landscaping, neighbors, parent, bus drop offs, ACT 250 planning

Timeline: mid July soil boring, end of summer, early fall give 2 to 3 alternatives, bid market by December to line up for spring start



Policy EL 4 Financial Conditions and Activities


- Middle School Elevator-Tom DeBalsi - gives ways of how to fund the $262,400 total project cost:

use of reserve account and construction reserve account, impact fees, surplus from FY 17 or reserve in FY 18 school budget


Comments: there will be monies left over, possibly 1%


Peter Merrill  moves to  approve expenditure to construct a  new elevator for handicap accessibility at HMMS. $68,573.48 coming from the impact fee fund, $140,00.00 coming from the construction fund, and the remainder through whatever sources are available.  Lori Dickerson seconds.  A unanimous verbal vote passes the motion ( 4 yes, 0 no)




   Policy BS/R Delegation to Superintendent-



 Summer Professional Staff Hiring- Peter Merrill  moves to authorize the Superintendent to hire additional staff as needed to fill out roster. Lori Dickerson  seconds. A unanimous verbal vote passes the motion.  (4 yes, 0 no)


-Authority to sign for sale of Brookmeade House- Tom DeBalsi reports the Brookmead House sold in the first  week. Peter Merrill moves to authorize the Superintendent to sign any documents necessary for the sale of  the house.  Lori Dickerson seconds. A unanimous verbal vote passes the motion.  ( 4 yes, 0 no) The Clerk and Board Chair sign the document.


Policy GP 7 Board Committee Principles:

Sister City Update on Board Representative-. Michelle Boleski has volunteered to serve on this Board.  Peter Merrill  moves to have Michelle Boleski be the  liaison from the school board to the sister city board representative.  Michelle Boleski seconds. A unanimous verbal vote passes the motion. ( 4 yes, 0 no)


Monitoring Reports

- Policy GP 2 Governing Style- Nancy Russell-table the discussion


 B/SR 2 Unity of Control-  Kevin Christie: Mr. Christie concludes HSB and Directors performance has been in compliance

Disc: Peter Merrill working with SOS is not evidence of an authorized Board Member,  more of resource

Peter Merrill moves to accept the report.  Lori Dickerson seconds. A unanimous verbal vote passes the motion. ( 4 yes,  0 no)


Policy EL 7 Asset Protection- Tom DeBalsi sent a draft to Board in their packet.  He reviewed the policy and the evidence of insurance policies as presented in the draft.

Discussion: add to evidence SOS keeps the board in compliance

Peter Merrill  moves to accept the conclusion that we’re in compliance with the requirements of  EL 7. Discussion: subtext numbers/coverage  needs changing, then presented.   Lori Dickerson  seconds. A unanimous verbal vote passes the motion. ( 4 yes,  0 no)



Policy EL 8 Compensation and Benefits- Tom DeBalsi reports on EL 8. Peter Merrill motions to accept conclusions of EL 8. Lori Dickerson seconds.  A unanimous verbal vote passes the motion. ( 4 yes 0 no)


Policy GP 9 Governance Investment-



Summer Retreat Planning with Select Board – August 23, 2017


Topics for Agenda: impact fees disc, developing the town, improvement developement, joint campaign to market town, how to make real estate agents understand what Hartford schools have, invite them in to have tours, see our investment to our young people, expand the adopt a school plan, opioid/hunger/homelessness




Board Training with Jim Fitzpatrick June 28 @5:00@SOS: dinner will be served


Policy GP 3 Board Job Outcomes


Board Member Committee Reports:


§   Act 46 Merger Study Committee (Merrill, Christie)-mergers going on, services that could be provided to this new entity

§   Negotiations (Dickerson, Merrill, Christie)-teacher negotiation no fact finding mtg set, support mtg sched June 15th  to make an offer to them,

§   Hartford Community Coalition (Russell)-not present

§   Regional Advisory Board (Boleski)-no report

§   Manifest Approval (Christie)-end of year, multiple payrolls, special requests made/done

§   Racial Inequality Committee (Boleski, Russell)-May 31st first meeting, Chair, Vice, Secretary in place, Michelle met w/ SOS. June 21st is next meeting

§   Policy Review (Merrill)- Superintendent has one policy for Peter to look at. All major policies scheduled for this year will then have been completed

§   Select Board Liaison (Dickerson)-Sister City Board candidates was majority of the meeting


Meeting Review/Evaluation and Agenda Planning- Peter Merrill reported on the meeting evaluation. Conclude in compliance Meeting Monitoring report


Adjournment- 9:22 Peter Merrill moves to adjourn.  Lori Dickerson  seconds. A unanimous verbal vote passes the motion. (4 yes 0 no)





Next School Board Meeting will be a board training on Policy Governance June 28, 2017 5:00 PM




Respectfully Submitted:

Carol Bagley

June 16, 2017