July 18, 2019

Support Staff Negotiations Draft Minutes October 23, 2017

DATE: 10-25-2017

Hartford Board of School Directors

Special Meeting

Negotiations with the Educational Support Staff

October 23, 2017

Superintendent of Schools Office, 73 Highland Ave, White River Junction, VT  05001

DRAFT Minutes


The meeting opened at 5:15pm.


Board members present:  Kevin Christie and Peter Merrill

Others present:  Cheryl French, Scott Johnson, Lynn Lowery, Tom DeBalsi, Scott Cameron and Linda Nash


There was a short discussion about getting signatures on the temporary agreement that was approved by both the Board and the Unions at the September 27th, 2017 meeting, for the new health care program so that open enrollment can move forward.


Discussion of ESS and School Board Proposals


  • Items still on the table:
    • 9.1          Work Schedules
    • 10.3        All qualified candidates shall be considered….

No employee shall be subject to adverse….

  • 11.1 A   Compensation
  • 11.7        Longevity
  • 13.9        Payment of unused sick days
  • 17.2        Medical Insurance
  • 17.3        Dental Insurance
  • 17.6        Service Benefits
  • 22.1        Duration


Peter Merrill suggested that any open items that involved compensation and benefits wait until the other open items had been discussed.  Both parties agreed.


Language for 9.1 and 10.3 was discussed and agreed upon.  Both items are ready to be Tentatively Approved.


  • The ESS presented a total compensation package. 
  • Caucus followed
  • The Board presented a total compensation package
  • Caucus followed
  • The ESS accept the Board’s proposal except they would like to see the Health Insurance premium for Full Time School  Year personnel be 80% employer pay and 20% employee pay.  Any employee working less than 32.5 hours per week would be prorated.
  • Caucus followed
  • Clarification question to the ESS – if the Board agreed to the 80/20 would the Tiers currently in place go away?  Response was “yes”.
  • The Board proposed that if the contract was for 3 years then they would like the Full Time Year-round employees to agree to an 88/12 split in health care premium in the 3rd year.
  • Caucus followed.
  • ESS returned with a counter proposal that included a higher pay increase and a different employee portion for the out of pocket / deductible contribution to the HRA.

Negotiations terminated.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00p.m.