July 17, 2019

School Budget Information

DATE: 02-22-2018

In an effort to explain the Proposed FY19 Hartford School District budget proposal, the School Board has approved the use of this infographic. The Educational Funding Formula in Vermont is so complicated, it is often difficult to understand how a 2.3% increase in spending translates into a 7.6% increase in the Property-based School Tax Rate. And while this infographic will not fully explain the details of how that is possible, it does provide context and information to hopefully help voters increase their understanding or at least help them in asking clarifying questions.

This infographic is not a support of or against the proposed budget, but simply a visual attempt at an explanation.

The school board has created a special email account to capture everyone's questions so they can be aware of the concerns and also so they can reply thoughtfully and publicly in the upcoming town meetings. Please try and direct all questions and comments to hsdboard@hartfordschools.net."

Here is the infographic.