July 16, 2019

Minutes - 9-18-2018

DATE: 09-19-2018

Hartford Board of School Directors

Wilder School Building Committee

Minutes 9-18-2018

5:00 PM

Committee Members Present: Kristin Haney, Roisin Viens, Dave Harris, Doug Heavisides (the father), Tom DeBalsi

Visitor: Matt Wheaton

The meeting started at 5:00 with a review of the presentation done for the school board. Everyone present felt comfortable with the presentation and the outcome. The committee reviewed the request for proposals form. Matt Wheaton from DEW was present to review the process and language used. The form was created by Dave Harris and Matt Wheaton from RFP's they have used in the past for construction managers. The committee focused on the calendar and timeline for specific activities. The RFP was finalized for construction management. 

The selection of the architect was also a topic of discussion. The process being used will require some payment to the architect for schematic drawings. The committee discussed possible costs for the architect as well funding options for the drawings. Various grant sources were discussed and Tom also stated he would need to go to the school board with the process and approval of funds prior to a bond vote. 

Next meeting TBD