July 20, 2019

HSB Minutes 9-26-2018

DATE: 09-28-2018

 Hartford Board of School Directors

School Board Meeting Minutes

September 26, 2018 @ 7:00 pm

Hartford Town Hall


Board members present:  Michelle Boleski, Kevin Christie, Peter Merrill, Russell North, and Nancy Russell


Administrators present: Tom DeBalsi, Noel Bryant


1.  Call to Order:  Kevin Christie called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.


2.  Public Comments


3.  Changes, Additions and Approval of Agenda

  • Peter Merrill moves to accept the agenda as presented.  The motion is seconded.  A unanimous verbal vote passes the motion (5 yes, 0 no).


4.  Consent Agenda

  • Minutes
    • Regular Meeting 9-12-2018
      • Addition to be made:  Kevin Christie’s motion for a monitoring report to be generated and an update made to the employee bullying/harassment policy.  Decision to amend the minutes to include the policy.
      • Nominations/Resignations/Leave of Absence Requests for Professional Staff
        • New nurse (Felicia Hayes) at the high school appointed.
    • Peter Merrill moves to approve the consent agenda as amended.  The motion is seconded.  A unanimous verbal vote passes the motion (0 yes, 0 no).


5.   Items Requiring Board Discussion and Possible Action

  • Policy EL 9.4 Communication and Support to the Board – Incidental Information
    • AOE regional fiscal training at the high school.
    • Dothan Brook and Ottauquechee schools designated exemplary PBIS schools.
    • Auditor completed work; report to be generated soon.


  • Policy EL 7 Asset Protection
    • Wilder School Building Study Committee Update
      • Tom DeBalsi presents request for proposals (RFP) for construction management including five (5) factors of selection criteria for contractors.  Areas of particular attention include contractors’ ability to maintain historical traits of the property in addition to awareness of neighborhood sensitivities.
      • Kevin Christie proposes the inclusion of “mini-bios” of two leading volunteer consultants, acknowledging their experience and contributions to the planning committee.
      • Russell North supports idea of creating bios to showcase members of the community who participated.
      • Tom DeBalsi raises concern that highlighting contractors may overshadow the participation of other significant volunteers or the purpose of the restoration project.
      • Tom DeBalsi clarifies distinction between selection of construction manager and selection of architect(s); informs that criteria and new RFQ needed to be developed during next building committee meeting to obtain quotes from architects for design work.


  • Policy EL 2 – Relationship with Students, Parents and Community (Noel Bryant)
    • Overview of Hartford’s Work with Proficiency-Based Learning
      • Noel Bryant highlighted the importance of adopting new initiatives: reliance upon an outdated educational system; lagging competency of American students on international scene; and demands of an ever-changing world and economy.
      • Noel Bryant went on to explain how HSD is implementing Act 77 by means of customization of curricula for grades 7-12; options for elementary schools are still being explored.
  • Changes to Elementary Report Cards
    • New progress reports have been rolled out on the elementary schools as well as content PBLOs.  Indicators change by grade cluster, while PBLOs and transferrable skills are consistent K-12.  Learning targets will vary from classroom to classroom; the objective will be achieving proficiency in whatever learning targets are designated.
    • A revamped website facilitates comprehension of new report cards, curricula, content proficiency-based outcomes, and learning targets.   Website features a new logo.
    • A new graphic design for the report cards is currently being developed to aid in comprehension.
    • Russell North raises concern over communication to parents.  Noel Bryant explains that she along with principals are working to develop a way to inform all parents of new format and help them access details of their children’s performance.


  • Policy GP 3 Board Job Outcomes
    • Board Member Committee Reports
      • Hartford Community Coalition (Russell):  No comments/updates to report.
      • Racial Equality Committee (Boleski, Russell):  Next meeting is October 2nd.  No other comments to report.
      • Select Board Liaison (North):  No comments/updates to report
      • Social Media (North)
      • Russell North poses question regarding content to include on Facebook page.
      • Kevin Christie suggests that the Facebook page serve as a follow up to the board meeting reflecting constant updates.
        • Wilder School Building Study Committee (Merrill)
        • Committee met with the superintendent last week to discuss RFP.  Committee did the final review of RFP before it was sent out.
          • Sister City (Boleski): Committee to be added to future agendas.
          • Manifest (Christie): Committee to be added to future agendas.
          • Kevin Christie commends Alisha for her work getting the accounts payable run done.
          • Tom DeBalsi to setup a meeting to begin conversations regarding negotiation process, creating a training to approach the process, and initiate a dialogue regarding possibly modifying the process.


6.   Meeting Review/Evaluation and Agenda Planning

  • Next Meeting Agenda Items-
    • Tom DeBalsi presents a revised work plan, but there are still updates and corrections to be reflected including employee harassment policy; GP5 assigned to Kevin Christie and no longer Michelle Boleski. Tom DeBalsi will send follow up email reflecting updates.
    • Russell North proposes addition of a punch list to agenda to publicly acknowledge items the board is committed to addressing with proper urgency.
    • Tom DeBalsi indicates that discussion regarding next year’s school budget needs to be initiated.


  • Meeting Evaluation.  Russell North evaluates the meeting as satisfactory.


7. Executive Session

  • Deemed unnecessary for tonight’s meeting.


8.  Adjournment

  • Kevin Christie motions to adjourn the meeting.  The motion is seconded.  A unanimous verbal vote passes the motion (5 yes, 0 no).  The meeting is adjourned at 9:16pm.



Next Regular School Board Meeting is Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at 7:00 PM at the Hartford Town Hall.