July 20, 2019

Re-licensing Portfolio Checklist

DATE: 12-20-2012

                                    PORTFOLIO REQUIREMENTS

[Please note: All supportive documentation and narratives must be typed or word processed]


The relicensure portfolio should be presented in a clear and concise format. The physical presentation may be a 1-2 inch binder or an electronic or other suitable format. If other than standard hard-copy/ print format, presentation logistics are the responsibility of the presenter.


Required Components:


_____1. Cover Sheet: Personal information -name, school, position and year.


_____2. Completed Vermont Educator License Renewal Form (Note: You are        responsible for filling out the tax/child support and disclosure forms that are sent            in to the state with your completed Renewal Form and check. They do not go to   the LSB)


_____3. Table of Contents


_____4. Copy of current license and, if applicable, copies of any valid licenses or credentials required by the endorsement.


_____5. Completed PGP/IPDPs from expiring re-licensing period.


_____6. Evidence of a minimum of 9 re-licensing credits in subject areas related to each                   Level II endorsement and to the IPDP/PGP goals.


_____7. Supportive documentation, related artifacts or evidence of new educator learning that shows how each of the Five Standards -Learning, Professional Knowledge,        Colleagueship, Advocacy and Accountability - have been addressed ( 1 for each                 of  the Five Standards. You need focus on only 1 (one) Standard in your          presentation.)


_____8. A reflective, typed narrative on each piece of supporting documentation which:

            - Describes the documentation or evidence

            - Explains the new learning acquired

            - Connects the documentation or evidence to the Five Standards, one’s IPDP/PGP                 goals and the school’s initiatives for improved student learning


Source:  The Guide for the Development of Local and Regional Standards Boards, Vermont Standards Board for Professional Educators.