July 17, 2019

Mentor Q & A

DATE: 12-20-2012

Mentor Q & A
Suzan Locke and Susan Sinander- May 2010

1st year = New Mentor (participates in the current format of training)

2nd year = Experienced Mentor (More in depth mentor training for example – generational characteristics, professional learning communities, delve deeper into using the norms of collaboration; taking the initial mentor concepts and expanding on them)

3rd year = Accomplished Mentor (collaborative protocol – mentors working in small groups to improve coaching skills)

When are mentors and mentees supposed to meet?

  • Mentors and mentees are required to meet thirty minutes per week.  
  • Four times during the course of the year you will participate in a full coaching cycle.
  • Meeting time can be determined by you and your mentee.  It can happen before or after school as well as during planning times.

What amount of time is required for the mentor?

  • Approximately 60 hours.

How long do you have to work in the district to apply to be a mentor?

  • Level 2 license and the administrator has to sign off on your application.

When is a good time in your career to choose to be a mentor?

  • It is a personal and professional decision based on your comfort level with teaching.

Do you still use a consultant and is the program done in the exact same format?

  • We will be using Susan Villani two times next year for mentor leader training around improving coaching cycle facilitation.  The training and program format will stay in the same structure with adaptations based on the groups need.  

Have you ever considered extending it to two years of mentoring?

  • Due to high numbers of new staff it has not been possible.  It is something that we might consider in the future.

How would it work if a mentee were in another school?

  • The mentor and mentee would need to be creative with meeting times and locations.

Link to Google Doc of Mentor Q&A