October 22, 2019

HSB Minutes 5-22-2019

 Hartford Board of School Directors

School Board Meeting Minutes

May 22, 2019 @ 7:00 pm

Hartford Town Hall


Members present:

Tom DeBalsi

Noel Bryant

Kevin Christie

Russell North, arrived at 7:20

Nancy Russell

Michelle Boleski

Majd Abdelghani


  1. Call to Order 

                        The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by Mr. Christie.


  1. Public Comments 



  1. Changes, Additions and Approval of Agenda

                        HACTC Director, Mr. Heavisides, EL2

                        Move Strategic Plan RFP  to GP2, Board Governing Style

Moved by Russell, seconded by Boleski, to accept the agenda with the 2 changes, motion carried.


  1. Consent Agenda


`                       - Regular Meeting 5-8-2019


                        Drew Dlemer-MMS

                        Tori Meder-HHS

                        Allison Porreca-RAP

                        Amanda Flodstrom-HHS

Jeffrey Thomas-HHS


                        Chelsea Deraway-WRS


Moved by Boleski, seconded by Russell to accept the consent agenda, motion carried.


  1. Items Requiring Board Discussion and Possible Action


Policy EL 2 Relationship with Students, Parents and Community

  • Student Representative’s Report

Majd reported, exhibition night last week, Prom was last Sat, last band/chorus concert last night, Hblock activities now, sports season in full swing

  • HACTC, Mr. Heavisides, price setting for the sale of the Brookmeade house, approx. 2300 sq ft house which is near completion, may need to be finished over the summer, Bill Brown and Lisa O’Neil from the Clerkin Agency have recommended a price range, the house will be listed by the district for 3-4 weeks, Mr. Heavisides asked the board to approve an opening price of $299,000.

Moved by Russell, seconded by Boleski to accept the recommendation of Mr. Heavisides and the Clerkin agency realtors with a price of $299,000, motion carried.

-   Mr. Christie reported that Mr. DeBalsi made an all-call/email/text to district families about student safety during the busy end of year activities. Chief Phil Kasten and Principal Nelson Fogg held an assembly with the prom attendees about student safety.


Policy EL 9 Communication and Support to the Board – Incidental Information

  • Superintendent Report

Ms. Bryant reported on the HHS Exhibition Night, wonderful work, End-of-the-year mentor program catered by the Culinary students, great food and event

Mr. DeBalsi reported on the HACTC Award Night, 5/21/2019, guest speaker from Tomtom, many awards were given, refreshments on the green in Lebanon, students are well prepared to move on

End-of-year field trips, a lot of activities in the schools

  • End of Year Activities and Board Responsibilities

HHS Awards Night      HHS Gym         June 2, 2019     6:30 PM

Project SEARCH graduation DHMC     June 4, 2019     4-6 PM

Retirement Reception            HHS Cafeteria June 5, 2019     3:30 PM

8th Grade Graduation  HMMS             June 6, 2019     7:00 PM

Graduation                  HHS                 June 7, 2019     7:00 PM

Regular Board Mtg     Town Hall        June 26, 2019    7:00 PM

Board Training-Public Engagement   SOS TBD August 28?

Combined Mtg with Select Board      August 14, 2019 6:00 PM

  • Lori Dickerson Bench Dedication

      Bench will be mounted on the cement soon, potentially June 5th or June 12th 5:00 PM, Mr. DeBalsi will ask Mrs. Dickerson if either date works for her, he will advertise to the public

  • Maintenance Plan

Mr. DeBalsi presented the “work-in-progress” report on the district facilities, including bond projects and budgeted repairs/replacements. In 2011 Engleberth construction did a facility assessment which listed $30-40 million in necessary repairs. $200,000-300,000 has been budgeted each year to fund these maintenance replacements/repairs. The district facilities are in good shape with the past work and plan for the next several years. This plan does not take away the potential need for future bonds for major projects.

Ms. Boleski inquired about potential repairs to address the clean water act, this is being monitored. Each school has at least 2 filtered water bubblers.


Policy GP 2 Governing Style

  • Community Engagement Board Retreat Planning

The board has tried many different ways to engage the public. Community members have many ways to monitor the district activity. Forums and Informational Nights only draw a few people. Improvements are needed to meet the needs of community members.

One topic a month should be to discuss the Ends Policy, discuss how we measure how students are meeting the ends, what process should we follow? Are the Ends still relevant?

Invite HSD alumni to share their preparedness for their school/work

  • Combined Select Board Meeting Planning

August 14, 2019, 6PM

What should the superintendent discuss with the town manager? Meeting space for the two boards? How long?

Coordinating bond issues, facility projects, other cost saving areas, technology, vehicle replacements, supply orders, solar field coordination, recreation/sport programs, town recreational facilities, planning for town meeting cycle , traditional town report vs a new delivery model, ways to do community engagement together, increased family population-how to best market Hartford (zoning/planning), new Chamber of Commerce marketing strategy, homelessness-how it impacts the schools/community, drug use, lack of affordable housing

- HCOREI:Strategic Plan RFP Review and Selection

The superintendent reported that the select board felt there should be a 6 member panel to review the proposals, they will need to meet to design rubric/review process and then hold interviews. The RFP sets many guidelines for the process.

The HCOREI committee met and had several suggestions about changes, interview panel may need to be increased, would committee members be able to watch the interviews via in person/skype?

The review panel would make a recommendation to the school board and select board.

Moved by North, seconded by Russell to approve the selection committee for the HCOREI and RFP to include:

School Bd chair or designee, Select Bd chair or designee, superintendent, town manager, chair of HCOREI, and 1 HCOREI member, motion carried.

Policy GP 3 Board Job Outcomes

  • Board Member Committee Reports
    • Select Board Liaison (North, Russell)

Mrs. Russell:

Town Plan update meeting, June 4th

Nighthawks concession and press box will be completed soon, season starts in early June

Jason Czora, new Assistant Fire Chief, starts July 1

  • Racial Equity Committee (Boleski, Russell)

Ms Boleski reported on the minutes from meeting, student rep discussion, community forum with TJ Donovan, May 23-Hatefree Vermont, WInooski High School, Mr. Donovan potential visit to Hartford in June

  • Sister City (Boleski, Russell)

Ms Boleski:Meeting last night, Joan is working with the teachers in France for potential visit, will be at the community night-informational table, Mr. DeBalsi has a letter ready to go to interested teachers/students. Logistics will be settled as soon as we know how many are coming.

  • Social Media and Community Engagement (North)

Mr. North:Thanks to Doug Heavisides, Mr. North will be posting new information soon, board members are encouraged to submit information.

  • Wilder School Building Study (Merrill)

Mr. DeBalsi:Zoning/planning meeting next week, design team work may be finished, asbestos abatement in August, construction begins in Sept

  • Hartford Community Coalition (Russell)

Mrs. Russell:Picnic in 2 weeks, looking for vendors, looking at the homeless situations, talking to various boards to see what else can be done, interest is growing

  • Regional Advisory Board (Boleski)
  • Manifest Approval (Christie)

Mr. Christie:End-of the-year close-out orders

LInda Nash is working hard on the health care payouts, all are complete.

New treasurer has been in the office, very punctual.


  1. Meeting Review/Evaluation and Agenda Planning

 - Next Meeting Agenda/Parking Lot Items

            Wednesday, June 26, 2019, 7:00 PM

            Monitoring reports-

            Board approval for action plans

            Bullying and Prevention policy updates


 - Meeting Evaluation

The meeting evaluation was done by Ms Boleski, the meeting was satisfactory.


  1. Adjournment

Moved by North, seconded by Russell to adjourn the meeting at 9:09, motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,


Cherrie Torrey, recorder