July 20, 2019

Survey Sample Questions - Colleagues

DATE: 12-20-2012

Bank of Survey Questions for Colleagues

I display solid content knowledge.
I display an understanding of learning theory and current research based practices.
I use and understand a variety of assessment strategies and tools.
I demonstrate an understanding of the difference between assessment and evaluation.
I am able to modify my instruction based on results of assessments and evaluations.
My goals are clearly defined.
My activities and assignments are clearly organized.
I utilize formal and informal student assessments to adapt the environment and the instruction to improve learning.
I convey high expectations for student learning.
I make accommodations needed for all students to access learning.
My oral and written communication is clear.
I support, respect and cooperate with colleagues.
I engage families in decisions to improve student learning.
I provide information to families regarding my instructional program.
I participate in school projects.
I participate in district projects.
I maintain collaborative relationships with community agencies.
I provide support for student learning and well-being.
My student interactions are positive and respectful.
I promote confidentiality for students and families.
I participate in professional development that is connected to my goals.
I comply with workplace rules, regulations and procedures.
Have I been responsive to students’ needs?
Have I been available and responsive to colleagues’ student concerns?
Have I been a reliable team member?
How successful and I as a classroom teacher (music teacher, special educator, etc.)?
How have students benefitted from me as their teacher?
What are my strengths?
What are my weaknesses?

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