July 19, 2019

Survey Sample Questions - Parents

DATE: 12-20-2012

Sample Survey Questions for Parents

The curriculum in my child’s class is challenging and relevant.
My child has made adequate progress this year.
My child’s teacher encourages parent/community involvement.
My child has the time he/she needs for learning.
My child feels safe and comfortable in his/her classroom.
The teacher recognizes and uses my child’s strengths.
My child uses what he/she learns at school in other situations.
My child feels successful at school.
My child’s teacher makes expectations clear.
My child participates in evaluating his/her work.
I feel welcome in my child’s class.
Meetings and conversations with my child’s teacher are helpful.
My child’s teacher communicates regularly to me.
My child’s teacher uses themes and projects.
I visit or volunteer in my child’s class and/or attend special class events.
The amount of homework my child receives is appropriate.
Have I helped to make accommodations for your child?
Am I available to you, when needed?
Am I a reliable team member?
Am I professional when conducting meetings?
How successful have I been as the case manager for your child?
Have the needs of you child been met?
What is the quality of your relationship with me?
Do you feel your opinion and concerns are heard and addressed?
If you are the parent of an 8th grade student, have transition services begun for your child?  Do you know then they began?
What are some of my strengths?
What are some of my weaknesses?
Are there any comments or suggestions that you can give that will help to improve that service that I provide?

Home/School communication has been:  

Wonderful     just right      could be more

Next year, I would like communication:

Daily     weekly     monthly

I prefer communication via:

Phone     email (provide below)     notes home

In meetings, I felt:

A part of the team/valued/respected     left out/confused

Meetings were:

Efficient/good length     not efficient/but good length     too long      too short

My questions were answered:

Always     sometimes     never

Phones calls, emails, paperwork were returned:

Promptly     within a reasonable amount of time     slowly

Did you believe that information that you received was:

Honest & forthcoming    sugar coated     inaccurate

In our interactions, did you feel respected?

All of the time     most of the time     some of the time     never

Student Services:
Do you believe that your child is getting what s/he needs?  If not, what would you like to see change?

Link to Google Doc of Survey Sample Questions-Parents