July 19, 2024

Equity and Inclusion Websites

Kirwan Institute- Implicit Bias Training Module

Learning for Justice- Resources

Mosaic Education Network- Melissa Crum

#Nov4Syllabus — Education and Equity for the Post-Election World
A list of 2020 post-election resources including topics such as #BlackLivesMatter and BIPOC liberation, citizenship and civics, disability access and justice, education (K-20+), food justice, health, immigration, playlists, and poetry & prose.

Anti-Racism Resources for Vermont Businesses
A resource list from the Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility website that provides links to antiracism education opportunities, a list of action steps, diversity, equity, and inclusion professionals in the VBSR network, resources for employers, and organizations supporting antiracism in Vermont.

Bilphena’s Library
An online library of books and short stories, essays and speeches, and interviews by Black women writers— a celebration of Black language and a tool for political education and communal learning.

Booklists and Resources Addressing Race and Social Justice from the VT Dept of Libraries
An antiracist booklist grouped by target age of reader created by the Vermont Department of Libraries.

Books to Teach White Children and Teens How to Undo Racism and White Supremacy
A list of children’s books that discuss race and racism from Charis Books and More in Decatur, GA.

Diverse Books Resource
A Pinterest board of books about race and diversity.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice
A list of racial justice resources from Northern Vermont University.

Events Calendar: Vermont Humanities
A list of upcoming events from the Vermont Humanities website, highlighting ideas in the realms of race and racism, LGBTQ issues, politics, history, and more, through lectures and book discussions.

Juneteenth Information and Resources

Learning For Justice ArticleFrom the Harvard Business Review (History of Juneteenth Section)

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
A list of racial justice resources from the Vermont Outdoor Business Alliance including VT-specific resources, athletes/ambassadors/diversity professionals in VT, and outdoors brands’ and various VT outdoor organizations’ statements and resources.

Obama Foundation: Anguish and Action
A list of resources from the Obama Foundation for learning about police violence, reimagining policing, and taking antiracist action.

Racial Equity Tools
A website that offers tools, research, tips, curricula and ideas for people to increase their own understanding and to help those working toward justice at every level— in systems, organizations, communities, and the culture at large.

Resources: Abenaki Arts & Education Center
Primary and secondary resources from the Abenaki education team at the Abenaki Arts & Education Center ranging from articles, children’s literature and other books to podcasts, videos, and music related to Abenaki culture.

Resources for Antiracist Analysis, Reflection, Action
The DePaul University Women’s Center’s list of antiracist educational resources.

Resources for Unlearning What We Were Taught & Learning Anti-Racism
A guide to “unlearning what we were taught and learning anti-racism” with a categorical and chronologically-organized resource list.

Resources in Defense of Black Lives
A list of resources in defense of black lives: resources for demonstrating, education on police brutality, supporting organizations, becoming a better ally, supporting black creators and black-owned businesses, and more.

Resources: Inclusive Arts Vermont
A list of resources for disability awareness, antiracism in the arts, accessible digital events, accessible marketing, audio description, teaching artists, and creative placemaking from the Inclusive Arts Vermont website.

Richard Rothstein
A collection of resources from and short biography of Richard Rothstein, an author whose work focuses on the history of segregation in the US specifically related to education and housing.

Scaffolded Anti-Racist Resources
A step-by-step guide for white folks to become allies and eventually accomplices in anti-racist work.

Vermont Department of Libraries Racial and Social Justice Resources
The VT Department of Libraries’ list of Racial and Social Justice Resources including VT projects and organizations; VT and national history resources; booklists and resources categorized by age; BlPOC authors with a VT connection; continuing education, self-guided curricula & learning portals; and speakers.