August 17, 2022

Vaccines with less stress with Confident Care for Kids

DATE: 11-14-2021

Confident Care for Kids (CCFK) is here to help create vaccine visits with less stress.Conversation on COVID Vaccine and Children

CCFK is a statewide initiative to increase sensory supports for children with disabilities and special health needs to ease anxiety when getting the COVID-19 vaccine at a community-based pediatric or family care practice in Vermont. 

CCFK provides:

  • Parents and caregivers with a Vax Visit Prep Kit that includes a free, downloadable social story and suggestions to make-a-plan for your child’s vaccination visit.
  • Pediatric practices with training, materials and calming sensory tools like wand spinners, stress balls, bubble timers and more, including the new Buzzy Bee, a small vibrating bee with blue ice-pack wings that helps to block sharp pain and provides distraction to create a vaccine visit with less stress for your child.

Here’s what to do:

  • Make-a-plan with your pediatrician or family doctor to help your child have a less stressful vaccination visit.
  • Ask what calming sensory tools they will have available
  • Ask for a shorter wait time in waiting and exam rooms
  • Talk about the best approach to support your child through the injection
  • Get the Vax Visit Prep Kit that includes video resources, tips on how to prepare and more.
  • Call your pediatrician or family doctor today to ask if they are a participant of CCFK.