March 1, 2024

HSB Minutes 10-25-2023

Hartford Board of School Directors

School Board Community Engagement Meeting Minutes

October 25, 2023 @ 6:00 pm

In-Person at Hartford Town Hall and Online (Zoom) Meeting  

Members Present: Kevin Christie, Nancy Russell, Douglas Heavisides, Sara Campbell

Administrators Present: Tom DeBalsi, Jonathan Garthwaite, Jacob Vezina, Nelson Fogg

 1.  Call to Order 

Changes, Additions and Approval of the Agenda  

Mr. Christie called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM.

Moved by Mrs. Russell, seconded by Ms Campbell, to accept the agenda. Motion carried. 

 2.  Community Engagement Topics

Facilities - Needs Assessment and Planning

Mr. DeBalsi introduced the Facility Committee who had prepared an extensive list of needs and further worked to identify the “NOW” needs.

Mr. Garthwaite reminded the board that at a spring presentation he shared the thirty thousand foot look. The list tonight includes items that have been deferred. This does not include programmatic changes, student demographic changes, or large scale future projects. No consideration of energy efficiency and carbon footprint was given although it should be. This is for supporting the programs that we currently have. It also does not include the annual expenses to operate the buildings. Each item was notated with life safety, regulation, and deferred liability consideration. Mr. Garthwaite did suggest working with the building administrators who probably have a list of program enhancements they would like for their schools. 

All documents are on the district website in the Google folder for tonight’s meeting. 

The first spreadsheet shared, Deferred Maintenance Priorities include some items that  were identified by the Hartford Fire Marshall/state at an inspection last summer. The maintenance projects total $6,035,200, which includes a fifteen percent contingency fund. 

The second spreadsheet shared, Deferred Maintenance Worksheet, was an extensive list of eighty-three items with no costs identified. Each was notated with  life safety, regulatory, and deferred liability consideration. 

The board thanked Mr. Garthwaite for the information. It’s an important working document. It does reflect the lack of work due to COVID. Mr. Garthwaite suggested this be an annual review activity.

Mr. DeBalsi asked the board to consider what they wanted to do, add to the operating budget or prepare for some bond(s). Discussion followed with many options discussed, some combination ideas were shared. 

Mr. Vezina shared that usually the first draft of the budget is ready by the end of October. However this year there are some delays due to new software and the state numbers. He is meeting with the administrators about their building budgets. The next board meeting will include a draft of the budget.

 3.  Public Engagement

The public was invited to the meeting in-person or online using, meeting ID 974 3075 5984.

No one from the public was in attendance or on Zoom to speak.

4.  Business Items


Mr. Vezina asked the board to approve a Purchasing Card (credit card) in the district’s name; it would have a higher balance available. He has worked with his constituents in area districts, many have worked with the Bank of Montreal with a similar program.

Moved by Mrs. Russell, seconded by Ms Campbell, to approve Mr. Vezina’s request to get the purchasing card, through the International Association of School Business Leaders with the Bank of Montreal. Motion carried.

Teacher Appointment:

Yanik Oney, WRS 

Moved by Mrs. Russell, seconded by Ms Campbell, to approve the teacher appointment. Motion carried.

5. Executive Session will be needed for the purpose of discussing a real estate matter 1 VSA 313(a)(2) and the evaluation of a public employee 1 VSA 313(a)(3)

Moved by Mr. Christie, seconded by Mrs. Russell, to enter Executive Session to discuss a real estate matter, 1 VSA 313 (a)(2). Motion carried.

The board entered Executive Session at 7:30 PM.

The board came out of Executive Session at 8:35 PM. No action was taken.

Moved by Mr. Christie, seconded by Mrs. Russell, to enter Executive Session to discuss the evaluation of a public employee, 1 VSA 313 (a)(3). Motion carried. 

The board entered Executive Session at 8:40 PM.

The board came out of Executive Session at 9:33 PM. No action was taken. 

6.  Adjournment

Moved by Mrs. Russell, seconded by Ms Campbell,  to adjourn the meeting at 9:35 PM. Motion carried. 

Respectfully submitted,

Cherrie Torrey



Next Regular School Board Meeting is November 8, 2023 

6:00 PM at Hartford Town Hall.