July 18, 2024

Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence

Students will perform at a high level in these crucial areas of academic expertise: reading skills for information and interpretation; written and verbal communication skills; problem-solving skills based on mathematical, scientific, and social-scientific knowledge demonstrated through application; and skills developed through broad knowledge of the arts and humanities.  Students will participate and understand the benefits of collaborative learning.

  • Target: Students will read, communicate, solve problems, collaborate, think critically and innovate across settings and contexts.


Students will:

  • Read a variety of genres for information and enjoyment

  • Express thoughts using oral, written and non-verbal communication

  • Interpret oral, written and non-verbal communication

  • Use a variety of strategies to solve problems

  • Collaborate

    • Be open minded to other viewpoints

    • Perform different roles within a group

    • Take individual responsibility for the group’s task

    • Accept group consensus

    • Be respectful of others

    • Negotiate

  • Think critically

    • Infer meaning

    • Analyze and synthesize

    • Make connections

    • Generalize to a broader context

  • Innovate

    • Think creatively

    • Extend knowledge

    • Apply knowledge

    • Use technology and human resources to advance understanding

    • Take risks