July 19, 2024

Health and Well Being

Health and Well Being

Students will develop personal and social skills and behaviors that will support their physical, emotional and mental well-being. Students will demonstrate an understanding of how nutrition, exercise and athletics, creative outlets, self-reflection, and personal relationships contribute to a healthy, well-adjusted and productive person.

Target: Students will demonstrate the importance of maintaining physical, social, and emotional well being.


  • When students are healthy, well adjusted and productive, they will:

  • Make healthy and safe choices and seek help if needed

  • Understand and accept other people’s feelings and unique qualities

  • Be a positive role model and a supportive bystander

  • Develop functional coping skills

  • Interact successfully with others in various situations

  • Understand the skills necessary to develop positive relationships

  • Engage in activities that promote well-being

  • Advocate for themselves and others

Students will acquire skills so that they can self-reflect and self-regulate