July 18, 2024

Life Skills

Life Skills

Students will demonstrate the ability to develop long-term life goals, to plan for their future, to cooperate with others, and  to live independently within and adapt to an ever-changing world.  They will be able to identify problems and determine resources and people necessary to help solve them. Students will demonstrate the qualities essential for succeeding within and outside of the school setting, including integrity, tolerance, self-motivation and work ethic, intellectual curiosity, and respect for themselves and others.

Target: Students will demonstrate qualities essential for personal success in and out of school.


  • Plan and set goals for today, tomorrow, and the future.

  • Use strengths, develop self worth, and acknowledge individual areas of need.

  • Show respect for self and compassion for a diverse community.

  • Work independently and on teams.

  • Is prepared, reliable and produces work that meets an identified standard.

    • Show preparedness and reliability in order to meets an identified standard.