March 1, 2024

Threats by Students

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Threats by Students

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I. Purpose of Policy

To provide a safe, orderly, civil and positive learning environment.

II. Policy Scope

All students enrolled in the Hartford School District.  This policy also applies to any student who

aids, encourages or causes another individual to engage in conduct prohibited by this policy.


III. Definitions


“Hartford School Community”- The students, faculty and staff of the Hartford School District, including volunteers or members of the public involved in carrying out or facilitating school-sanctioned activities.


“Threat” - A statement of intention to kill, injure any individual, and/or to damage real or personal property by means of a weapon, fire, explosive or other device or method,  made for the purpose of harassment or intimidation.    


IV. Policy Statement


Any student who, in person or through the use of the mail, telephone, Internet, written note, posting or other instrument, willfully makes any threat or maliciously conveys false information, knowing the information to be false, concerning an attempt or alleged attempt being made, or to be made, against the person or the property of  a member of the Hartford School Community is subject to a penalty up to and including expulsion. 


Said individual (s) shall be brought to the superintendent who will decide if an expulsion hearing with the board is warranted.  A student found by the board, after a hearing, to have violated the above prohibition may be expelled or suffer other sanctions deemed appropriate by the school board.


V.  References

16 V.S.A. §1161a (discipline)


Responsible Owner:

Hartford School District

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HSD School Board 3/13/2013

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