June 24, 2024

Parent/Guardian Participation

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Parent/Guardian Participation

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I. Purpose of Policy

The purpose of this policy is to support and enhance capacity for parent involvement through the support of the PTO Councils, principals, classroom teachers and others to aid parents in understanding such topics as: the State’s academic content standards and student achievement standards; the State and local assessments; how to monitor their child’s progress and how to improve the achievement of their child; as well as to provide materials and training to help parents work with their children to improve academic achievement.

II. Policy Scope

All schools in the Hartford School District must comply with this policy.


III. Definitions

Parent: Includes a legal guardian or other person standing in loco parentis (such as a grandparent or stepparent with whom the child lives, or a person who is legally responsible for the child’s welfare).[1] 


IV. Policy Statement

1. All schools will have a Home/School Compact that clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of the school staff, the school administration, the parents/guardians and the students in ensuring all students meet the Vermont and Hartford School District content and performance standards.

2. Each school will involve parents/guardians in the joint development and review of a School Action Plan that will describe how the school will improve student performance and enable all students to meet Vermont and Hartford School District content and performance standards.

3. Each school will provide a written document to parents/guardians describing the educational goals of the school, the curriculum, assessments used and the child's progress in meeting the Vermont and Hartford School District standards. This information will be communicated through a variety of media including meetings, newsletters and personal contact.

4. If they occur during the school year, parents/guardians will be informed about significant changes in their child's educational programs, instructional methods or objectives.

5. Each year, the Hartford School District and its parents will conduct an annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness of the parental involvement policy, the identification barriers to greater participation by parents, and the use of findings to design strategies for more effective parental involvement and to revise, if necessary, the parent involvement policy.  This evaluation will be provided to the School Board.  The District will review the parent involvement policy and compacts at least every three years.


Legal Reference(s):    

This policy is mandatory for LEAs and schools that receive Title I, Part A funds.  20 U.S.C. §6318(a)

16 V.S.A. §144b(c) makes school districts LEAs for purposes of complying with the sections of federal law that apply to this policy.

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Hartford School District

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Hartford School Board

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